Gaijin Stealth nerf SL multiplayer again Naval

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It looks like your premium account has just expired ;).

Don’t look at the reward % value. It makes more sense to check the vehicle reward multiplier. For example, the Moffett has the SL multiplier of 3.0 in Arcade and 6.0 in Realistic. This way you won’t get confused in the future, because the displayed reward % is also affected by a few other things (like boosters).

EDIT: It’s also interesting that you put the “Realistic Battle” tag for this topic. The USS Moffett always had and still has base 900% SL reward (3.0 vehicle multiplier) in Arcade game mode. In Realistic it’s 1800% SL reward (6.0 vehicle multiplier). I use a premium account, so presented percentages include the 50% SL bonus for the premium account (that’s why using percentages can be confusing).

There was NO change in SL/RP gain.
If we change that values, we always mention it in changelog/economy changes topics.

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