Gaijin should stop selling toptier premiums

What’s this gaijin. The teams might look fair and balanced to you Gaijin but to us players it’s not!
Ik it’s the player not the tank but these players shouldn’t be in toptier!
Also stop refering rank as rating and use BR. Bc BR is the acual rating of a vehicle. Give Leclerc S1 and S2(which sits at 11,7) stock APFSDS. Why does the Leopard 2PL which is 11,3 have stock APFSDS and the toptier Leclercs not? Just bc it’s rank 7 doesn’t mean it’s not toptier. There should be atleast 1,3br difference from higher Premium vehicle and toptier. toptier is ground 11,0-11,7 and 12,0-13,0. Premiums should be max 10,3 in ground and 11,7 in air. Or change the tiers to ± 0,7br which would fix alot of compressed vehicle problems.


I agree with you on this but this will lead to reducing the company’s profits from selling vehicles or Golden Eagles The only reason why the tanks of the latter have a bad round is to push the players to buy the Golden Eagles and buy a better round like apfsds and this ultimately pours into the company’s gains This is not a bad thing any company whose main goal is profit in the end to continue but the method used is very bad
And sorry for any mistakes I use a translation program.

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Insert old clip from shooting range explaining why they’ll never sell premiums above rank 5 and a dev jumping in to reply “uhh ackhshually such policies can change yadda yadda”


We will not stop selling premium vehicles nor other premium content. War Thunder is F2P game.
If you want to discuss matchmaking/balance, please use pinned thread.

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