Gaijin Server Maintenance Schedule

Does Gaijin have some server maintenance schedule?
I feel like they need maintenance of their server
Because I never see Gaijin do some server maintenance for the past 9 month

To the best of my knowledge, Gaijin rents server space, they do not own, operate, service or maintain the servers themselves. That is part of the attraction of renting and not owning. It is very common for a a lot of online games to do this. When we do have “server maintenance” it is when Gaijin changes coding to add to or improve something in the game, such as a major Update.

Server maintenance happens every major update, ‘Sons of Attila’ had one recently.

You forgot feeding the hamsters. Gaijin also forgets sometimes to put enough food out for them and the poor things just run out, causing the server issues.

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no i mean like minor maintenance not for major update

There isn’t any. Servers get taken down only with major updates. Sometimes it happens that the server kicks the bucket and it takes a while to fix it, but those ones are definitely not planned maintenance works.

Usually, whenever the do a “patch/fix” it is done without interruption to the game. And they will post a changelog here in the Forum. Every now & then, they take the game offline to fix things, but those instances are rare. I can only remember one time they have had to do that in the past 3 years or so . . very rare indeed. There is just no schedule for that type of stuff, as it is done when it is needed . . .