Gaijin seems not to be bothered about Russian 11.7 dominanace

Hey !

Every game developer is taking care that nation / race / whatever is not dominating over another. It is usually because it destroy the game balance even further as player always want to win in easiest possible way.

Currently Soviet eq. is buffed while nato tanks are underperforming. I can give many examples , like DM53 having 150mm lower pen than is should , UFP of russian tanks overperforming . T80 not having spalling etc.

On top of that you have most annoying and OP helicopters like ka50 and ka52 , and even its most commonly seen helicopter you put it on sale .

So why would player play anything else when playing russia guarantees you win rates around 65+% w/o any effort.

I just played 15 games as soviets , won all of them , every singe one of them. Never happened to me with any nation to have that long streak.

Summarizing :

T80 tanks , arguable one of the best in game with magical “side immunity” for 40% of the time
KA50 which is more durable than any other helicopter , very often flying and killing after it was “fragged” due to “realism” when tail is off it could potentially fly.

On top of that BMP-2M is best in its class , ZS38 is also magically eating 600+ pen shots with fuel tank .

Then we have tanks like Abrams with depleted uranium armor is just a paper (lfp)

All of this combined makes this game called biased , which is 100% true.

Forgot to mention , who has the best SPAA in game ? Guess…

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Copium post


Would not say 40% but they are very good tank in game

Along with its missiles

Except its not as good as it was with recent changes and lack of thermal with the great addition of fog on maps

It lacks thermal god every k50 i fight must be some nerd

Germany is currently the top dog at top tier (among major nations), with ~61% WRs, while Russia is actually below 60%.

Yes cuz it should have them and go higher all other premium helis get thermals So why should it be left without them why should it be the only heli that cannot engage ground targets bcs the fog is every game on map

It is a cracked heil apart from the thermals

Hell no its not the thermals put it belov average in all terms except missiles and even then helis with thermals and worse missile can outperform it

Tell that to the k50s dominating

Lets be honest , people would not do this :

If russia would not be the top dog with highest chance of winning…

Russia is currenly most overplayed nation , and if Gaijin would have at least some sense they would not put russian op premiums like KA50 or ZS38 on sale .

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All T-80 T-72 variants lower plate can be penetrated and 1 shot killed by leopard 1 that used to be 7.3 with garbage APDS, same cannot be done for M1 abrams, cope harder


another anti russian cope post

why do you ignore about american dominance on air and ground? f16c with stupid op ir missiles and stupid op cas loadout, i can also complain to israeli f16d with full cas stuff

abrams tanks also have stupid volumetric armor


I complain about CAS in general , but Abrams is much easier to kill than t80 BVM , especially from sides :D

maybe learn how to kill BVM, try not hit the ERA you dumb low skill US main

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Now compare the size of lfp of t72/t80 and abrams cope harder

USA has the best SPAA, it can 1 shot any and every spawncamper. It can even lock planes through clouds with IRST somehow.

You complain about KA-50, its dirt easy to kill, its a 200kmh speed tin can, for the same spawn points you can spawn in a F-16C that is literally unkillable with 8 ground ordinance and 4 invisible unflareable AIM-9M at the same time, cope harder


abrams tanks have better elevation, reverse, armor, blowout panels and good for hulldown position unlike T series.

if you have problems with abrams tanks, its your own skill issue

Better armor ? :D hahah you have to be joking man , compare size of weakspots on bvm vs m1a2 , compare side era catching 600+ shells for no dmg , also turrent sides are much better armored in t80.

All this russian fan boys , who really thinks russia makes good tanks :D