Gaijin Rigging, AGM unusable

As visible in the replay, the AGM of my A-10 really just get stuck to the ground, despite me pointing at the enemy and clearly alive tank. Said AGM also just randomly combust because why not, western technologee stoopeed, Russia rulez I guess.

Obviously not, an imperfect sphere it is.

You do realize that an AGM needs to be manually controlled which are settings inside of the Controls section. Cause irl AGMs are controlled by a stick of a sort there is why there called AGM->Aerial Guided MIssile.

Dude, those are Lock on Fire and Forget. TV guided.


The AGM-65, like all other TV guided munitions, has a certain range where tracking a target becomes impossible, so it goes after a point on the ground.
Its not rigging
Its just how all of them behave
Some have better seekers, some have worse seekers.

But is that range listed anywhere? In game says Launch range 23 km

Launch range just means it has that flight range. I can go that far, but there’s no guarantee at that range you’ll be hitting antyhing useful.

Here’s a rule of thumb for the TV track ranges:
TV guided bombs β†’ 3km
TV guided missile β†’ 6km
IIR guided β†’ 9km

There’s some exceptions of course. The AGM-65A has only 3km track range and the rocket assisted PGM count as missiles in game. You can always refer to the guided munitions spreadsheet.

The tracking ranges are roughly half their listed values, they can only really reach their max tracking ranges against larger targets, like some aircraft or naval vessels.

Thank you very much.

from what range did you shoot al tv guided atgms do not follow target if you shoot from too high range you need to be at like 6-7 km or less to make it follow otherwise you lock ground

I am not sure, I think it was around 10-12 km. I had one match where I launched from 3-4km and it worked flawlessly. But with those OP SPAA like Strela and in a Subsonic I really don’t want to get close.

Use it from far by locking ground and outrange it

Please weigh your words and do not insult anyone with your baseless accusations.

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