Gaijin revert maps change now!

Could you explain why you feel that way? Is it the elimination of any long-range shooting? The long distances between A & C? Is it the ability on Fields of Poland to now flank to spawn camp with reduced risk of being seen & intercepted?

I don’t mind the close-quarters or wide open map styles. Both these maps have been turned into long-distance driving maps without the ability for long-distance shooting. Effectively they’ve become driving simulators…

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There was no elimination of long range shooting, only added cover.
I can still shoot into where A use to be from where C use to be, there’s just more cover so people aren’t always out in the open.
It’s easier to flank both sides as well.
The maps are flank-heavy, long-distance capable, & short-distance capable all in one which is far better than what they use to be.

Can you elaborate? On European Province, it was a problem in the big version of the map where the south eastern spawn could snipe the south western spawn very soon after the game started and the south western spawn had zero cover. The south eastern spawn had wide coverage of most of the map.

Now both of those spawns can’t see anything. Can you tell me where long range shooting is possible? The entire south of the map has lots of small gullies, providing almost total cover to traverse the map with almost zero risk. The whole map has been flattened, losing the previous high points.

The whole north of the map has been lowered, which previously allowed overwatch of the town. That’s gone.

I agree that flanking is much easier, which a bizarre change because spawn killing caused the most whining and now it’s easier than before!

I’m not sure which version of the map lets you shoot into A from C, because you can’t see anything north from C now:

This is from the old high ground, which has been lowered, eliminating long-distance shooting:

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Once again you attempted to make me look stupid by playing ignorant. The T-80BVM has the best ERA package in the game, yet you completely feigned ignorance.

“If it is irrelevant that light tanks struggle on city maps, its irrelevant that heavy tanks struggle on open maps.”

This wasn’t about light tanks versus heavy tanks. That’s what you made it. This was about the IKV-91 being over-powered for its BR and fighting tanks that can’t touch it. I used both heavies and mediums in that example.

Also the BVM is just one tank, Most western tanks are also much more vulnerable to HEAT from the side.

Side skirts complicate that. You will rarely have a perfectly perpendicular shot on someone’s side and protection map is a horrible example. It shows where you can penetrate, not do damage.

As seen here, even if it says you can penetrate with heat, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do damage.

Even with a shot like this, which is very common, they can still override and react making it unpractical.

If you aren’t going to argue in good faith, there is no point in continuing. Accusing me of talking down on you while you have done exactly that to everyone else in this thread including me is pretty pathetic.

I don’t recall talking down to you and I never called you names, but yet you just did that to me. Seems hypocritical.

I challenge you to think of one thing. In this game, I get roughly 1 map out of every 6 that is designed in a way I prefer playing on. To be honest the real number is lower due to map rotation being skewed in favour of city maps. You get to play on 4-5 out of every 6 maps that are designed in the way you prefer. What if that was switched? what if it was 5 open maps for every 1 city map? would you be mad? Because that is the whole reason this thread exists and people are mad.

Unless my eyes are blind, I don’t believe I’ve been getting many CQC maps recently that don’t allow you to choose a distant playstyle.

American Desert now a close-quarters map. Nearly all the map changes have been to reduce long-distance shooting. Normandy has been severely reduced. This is a definite trend.

We all know that the matchmaker is a strange beast and can give us the same map over and over. A screenshot of recent battles doesn’t really tell us anything…


It’s definitely preference. I don’t have fun feeling forced into frontal lane shooting with a cap barely 400 metres from spawn. And why would I ever use a Sturer Emil, or even something well armoured but slow and with glacial reload times, on a map like that? So, on 90% of the maps?

Advance To The Rhine is god tier. Volokolamsk is god tier. We can have good long range maps, and good short range maps.

The problem arises when Volokolamsk appears once, Advance To The Rhine appears thrice, and Ardennes appears six times. Small maps are preponderant in numbers, preponderant in the matchmaker, and many of them couldn’t hold a candle to Advance To The Rhine. Alaska, Golden Quarry, Seversk, Jungle, Port Novorossyisk, Ardennes, stop me any time, all these maps are cramped and go from mediocre to downright bad.

As for complaints, in my circle of friends I daily play this game with, CQC maps are pretty universally hated.

Almost no one actually enjoys being uptiered.That’s an irrelevant argument. You present players with a competitive scenario and have them run with it.

What you’re describing is simply confirming what I have just said. To give every kind of playstyle and every major type of vehicle equal competitiveness, we can’t rely on changed map designs exclusively. That only addresses part of the issue. We need new mission types too.

That’s not a problem with long range maps. It’s a problem with light tanks being almost universally undertiered in game, because Gaijin believes that balance is when everyone can pen each other frontally.

It’s not fair, but that’s hardly a map problem. In fact, I can easily cite you examples in which fighting an IKV at 6.7 in an urban map, even a good one like Advance To The Rhine, is just as unfair as your Tiger and Pershing. I spawn in the Jagdtiger and take my usual route to the long alleyway at the edge of the map, running parallel to C and B. I see an IKV, he’s not paying attention for whatever reason, I get the first shot. It kills the driver, is eaten by the external fuel tank without the fuze triggering, and the ammo behind the driver turns a shade of lightish red. I now get to enjoy my 18s reload while the IKV casually lolpens me with a succession of 400mm HEAT-FS.

Of course long range maps will benefit some vehicles to the expense of others, that’s sort of the point. A Tiger II will always have its strengths maximised and weaknesses minimised by long distance engagements with peer vehicles, and the opposite will be true in close quarters, and it should face both situations with equal frequency, for reasons that should be obvious and that apply to every other vehicle in the game as well.

Sounds like Gaijin manipulating player progression, like they did with repairs and FPE for years. LRF should be one of the first mods you get at those BRs, especially when you’re stuck with stock ammo. If the ammo performs worse, all the more reason why you need LRF to try and maximise what utility they have.

My displeasure with CQC, and desire to maximise the strengths of the tank destroyers I like to play, led me to systematically look for spots like these on every map that I can. It’s why I go to that alleyway in Advance To The Rhine. It’s why I go east of C on Alaska. I’m always trying to find ways that will allow me to avoid a quickdraw competition in a frontal engagement. So, yes, even small maps have some avenues for long range fighting.

Let’s take a look at what happens to some of these spots.

The rocks south of C in Jungle, and the mirrored spot for the other spawn, are gone. They were viable, non-overpowered spots where to take a tank destroyer, which allowed me to enjoy the map while avoiding driving straight to the cap. Now, they no longer exist.

Poland, eastern spawn: I had great games sniping across the lake, since it allowed you to engage both C and B, now that position has been massively nerfed and only gives you a window into the exit of the enemy spawn - that’s hilarious, isn’t it? They took a position that you could use to support the team, and turned it into a position from where you can exclusively spawn camp! Lovely. What’s more, they’ve removed the rightmost descending section of the rock, that allowed you to fire into the town while being covered, because that’s just unfair, isn’t it? You should drive in there and corner peek with T-34s. So many times when the situation looked hopeless, that spot allowed me to help stage a fight back, because you could use the rocks as cover to push back against people driving into our spawn.

What about the flanking route north of A? Most cover is now gone. I used to take the JT hull down there and defend A. Now, it’s much more open, because people don’t like being flanked.

What about American Desert? It too had a flanking route, it’s just been nuked.

And the small version of European province, don’t remember the name: there is now much more cover/higher buildings, to severely curtail sniping across the map, and flanking south has also been rendered more difficult by eliminating the trees that could be used for cover.

Look at all of this, and tell me the game is not trying to force me into a lane shooting frontal engagement.

Every time I use a flanking route or sniping spot on any map, at this point, I wonder to myself how much longer it’s gonna be with us before it’s finally scrubbed from the game too.


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No… The whole A-side is completely flat, you can’t move on it without getting blasted by some camper in the bushes who can see you from his spawn.

Thats Is like say “is not death, just dont breath anymore”.

For example in Pararel 38 and Middle East, they put rocks walls in the sniping place for block those points and leave all the exaclty the same with the exposed SP and problems so the changes are only for ruin long range combat.


Not true at all.

More and more maps are chopped and limited, right now the 80% of the battles are under 500 meters.

Just revert map changes, nobody agrre with destroy Sans of Sinai or remove the sniping positions in the others maps.


Now these map changes are driven by foolish people, and I see that those familiar maps are getting smaller and smaller, especially a group of 11.7 MBTs all crowded into a small space to fight

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If Ash River is per se a small/ bad map Gaijin just cut the half of the map and create this abomination…

Is pathetic how they are destroying all maps, really we dont have enough more than the half are trash urban mazes, is neccesary destroy all old no urban maps???



I took a 65 days break from the game and when I came back I had people talking about Mozdok changes but I didn’t had the chance to play it from the east spawn side.

What a great experience it has become, no out of bounds area marked on the map, that’s until you get there, so how would I know that the places where I’ve been so many times before are now with a countdown timer to kill me? First I expose my tank to get there, I get there and then I have to get out from there but the only way is to completely expose my tank when the enemy is already looking at me. My tank blows up and I get a crew lock and a repair bill.

Thanks a lot for destroying another map, just before I got Berlin which again more changes to stop players from flanking and doing long shots across the map. The term I would use to describe the type of players you want in this game would get me a ban here but I’m sure everyone can guess.

Gaiijn always doing their best to destroy this game, one map at a time, I can’t believe they play their own game, makes no sense based on the changes they make.


They are not really ignoring the community, what is happening is that they are paying attention to people who should not be paid attention to, and who if they were not in the game everything would be better.
All the damn maps would have to be at least 400 meters per grid, eliminate the maps with just one capture, and also make the maps better, with more open areas but with slopes to cover and fewer completely urban areas.


They are simultaneously replicating real-life functions of tanks to operate over large distances and also shrinking the maps to force engagements at distances that tanks were never designed to operate at.