Gaijin, please stop bullying the French Navy


Since La Royal, only 0 battleships and 1 escort destroyer (in the DEV CDK) have been added.

Please stop being indifferent and reinforce the tech tree.

The current French Navy tech tree is not competitive at all in the top ranks.


Neither is the Royal Navy, which should be the most competitive in WT meta.


You want to compare the number and quality of vehicles from the two nations?

The answer would be found very quickly.

Rank 5 alone: 6 ships VS 1 for France
Rank 6: 2 (soon 3) VS 1 for France

In terms of priority, the British aren’t.


Tbh Italians weren’t better after release and they still lack a lot of iconic ships.

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Little frustrated with the line myself.

You would have thought that they would have gotten an additional heavy cruiser and battleship by now.

Not to mention the lack of coastal ships mean they lose more often since you can’t compete for the shallow water caps early or nearly as effectively.


Maybe gaijin give up naval themselves

i thought they said French Naval CBT is over, as proclaimed in the devblog. But alas, in this abyss of vain grinding, the torture continues.