Gaijin Please response to 1k+affected issue

Issue name : The chassis of the 99A in the game is larger than in reality

This issue are now 1k+affected and 300+ comments, written by English, Russian and Chinese.
It contains whats 99A should be and relieable source of information, writer also provided a simple comparison between model in games and in real life.
Players want to know the offical opinons on this issue, and are eager to get replys from developers.


Couldnt agree more
99A and its vareity has sufferd enormous lower-side hull for a loooong time because of the wrong Trumpet plastic model
Since this issue has that much comments,I think the players deserve a proper response from dev workers


Procrastination is used to reduce attention, and then use not a bug


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What about chinese laws on subject?

If they don’t do much about it, maybe there is a reason in behind.

What law?
Law cant judge its wrong when all the information came from public open source

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What do you even mean?

Your ignorant is truly showing, you do realize we assembled on Chinese social medias right? What, you expect everyone to say something different in English to prove that we are not bots?

I’m asking about them, because there might be a reason,… as a company, Gaijin will not goes into those traps, even if we were 5 million, or even 7 billions asking for it.

I do not know chinese laws on Military Matters, but it might be clear that something is retainning them.

That would explain why it looks like spam. When you get over 100 comments a day and 90%+ are just “agree!”, it looks like spam/bots

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Clearly what you think about this are wrong.
Military Sercets protection is very important in this country.
But all that evidence in the issue are public source,no law risk.
And China’s offical media has come out many news about their Main Battle Tank.its not that hard to gather type 99 shape information

What else should we say except agree? Fuck yeah?Whooora?
Why u guys always try to make simple fact into complicated conspiracy.
Dont get it

Who is “you guys”?

I am just stating what I would assume if I saw this on any platform. Like if I saw a product and it had like 1,000 5 star reviews that all say “good product”.

You can click the “I have the same issue” and that is plenty.

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More and more examples tell us that when we point out that we have the same issue, we only get not a bug.

Still that question.
If evidence r real ,If product r real.
Why bother about “spam”?
From when we judge fact dont base on evidence but base on comments?Are u BBC/CNN reporter?
Not everyone can be treated as a ENG native speaker.Maybe they just want to stay inline to show their support about another issue which gaijin doesnt want to response anyway
And can u be so sure that other country’s issue dont have A SINGLE ONE that without many “agree/i agree”?

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I support it. It has been a year or two since the 99A game was launched, but there have been ongoing issues with the model and armor settings, and there has been no news of any repairs. Gaijin needs to take this issue seriously

Wouldnt matter because I would avoid it if i thought it had spam/bot reviews/comments

When did i say this? If i saw a thread of a similar manner about another nation, i would say the thing.

And that’s why Lerc doesnt get a single buff

Probably. I havent seen a lot from that thread just because of how many comments it has.

People (specifically the Chinese as I’ve seen that being a pattern with bug reports on Chinese tech) need to understand that having hundreds of replies on a bug report saying nothing but “agree” does the opposite of helping the bug report and instead makes it harder to post and provide additional proof in actually meaningful comments.

If you agree with the bug report, simply click on the “I have same issue!” button. Otherwise the bug report becomes a mess and it is way harder for Gaijin to actually do what you want them to do.