Gaijin needs to slow down and look at the state of the game

They focus too much on the new right now.

Before anybody responds with “well war thunder devs does stuff in periods” or something along those lines just hear me out.

Since direct hit this game has rarely recieved any “unique” vehicles just a lot of copy past like for finland and hungary, Now i dont know, and wont judge the developer team at gaijin that makes new models etc. But i feel like There are alot of vehicles that could be added to a bunch of Tech trees in war thunder to (in my opinion, you dont have to agree) replace Copy-paste vehicles, Like the pt-76 for the Chinese TT. And i would really appreciate if gaijin maybe halted on the Popularised Modern-day vehicles a while after next update to maybe organise themselfs and drastically improve the BRs and Expand the Brs for all branches of the game, Aviation & helicopters, Ground forces, and even Naval. Right now when i play the higher tiers of the game everythings feels off, for example: Aircraft and tanks that should not face eachother do so anyway because if you move that vehicle up in BR it becomes useless due to not having a certain feature. Like flares, missiles, good ammunition or Stabilisers and Rangefinders.

Thats my sphiel thank you gents and see you around, ill gladly hear you out. As of now im not playing WT as much due to feeling lost, boored or stuck and have since decided to wait untill next update.


I spied your player card, not so much nosy as curious, and it seems you are almost to player level 100 . . . that might be something to play for, yeah? Also, you seem to be a Swedish “main”(I don’t really care for that label, but . . .) and there is nothing wrong with that. But you could try playing more/other nations for a while. Starting a new nation can be daunting, but there are also some rewards and going back to lower tier play can be fun as well. I would suggest trying planes & naval some too perhaps and the various other modes some too maybe. The game is HUGE, and there are so many things available. But I also understand that the “grind” can wear a fella down after a while, and I don’t see that changing any time soon . . . just how the game is designed. Nothing wrong with taking a break, I mainly just do the BP stuff & don’t really “grind” for specific vehicles anymore. And I try to participate in the Events as they come up(this tank one is killing me tho . . . lol). Keeps me busy each day and I still gather in vehicles pretty regularly( I have managed to get 9 tanks researched & bought doing this tank event . . .lol). Just find a way to make “your game” within the game and do that . . . play what is fun for you and set the “pressure” aside. Hope that helps . . . you will find a way . . I am sure


Ive started playing germany, italy, france, but but ive played sweden for the majority yes

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layer level 100 . . . that might be something to play for, yeah?

Which is another thing they could actually work on and add the ability to go beyond level 100 and earn awards, decals, titles etc that way.

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Yeah, 250 or even level 500 would seem something worth doing . … with additional FREE stuff ofc . . . . ☻

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Yeah, more convertible RP rewards…

Anyone considering the possibility of the devs dialling back on the modern vehicles in War Thunder, and instead prioritizing enhancements & Fixes to the higher ranks, Battle Rating (BR) placements, Improving physics engine so you don’t get launched while hitting a literal stick or debris on the road while driving at 70+ km/h

Or the addition of truly ‘unique’ vehicles that accurately represent the historical arsenal of each nation? This could involve introducing vehicles that were either produced by the respective nation or were notable modifications of existing vehicles distinctive enough to warrant inclusion in their tech tree line-up.

It’s a good thought, that one, but sadly there’s no stopping the hype train when it’s money that’s the fuel for it.
It’s going to go into one of two ways,
One- they quickly push all the way to modernity or beyond and don’t turn back until they run out of ideas and start going back only then, by that time the game will be dead anyway, so what’s the point,
Two- they set a certain technological or chronological point beyond which they won’t progress until they flesh out the experience everywhere else but in top tier. Less likely of the two but would guarantee a long term income and a healthy community

I feel that one, too bad not many other people do.
Mid tiers can be fun but with the game being as is there’s still way too much work to be done there.

the game is severely under utilized same ol small maps for tanks at high brs and with the anti air missiles planes have i bet air battle maps feel smaller now too

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