Gaijin need to go back and revise older vehicles

Gaijin is constantly improving the game with new vehicles and new mechanics each update, so they should, but they also need to start going back through vehicles added in previous updates. Many previously added vehicles problems are simply ignored by gaijin.

Example 1:
Bombers cockpits and other models, the vast majority of bombers in war thunder all have cockpit place holders they have done since they were added, granted some cockpits are not known about, but many more are known, for example the Lancaster’s in the British tree, the current cockpit in game looks like this:

But with a quick google search we can easily find how they should look:


Example 2:
Older tank models, focusing on camouflage netting, as more tanks like the premium Leopard 2A4 have been added with camo nets, older tanks such as the Challenger 2F AND Challenger 2 TES have had their camo nets forgotten about and they have not aged well at all, for example:

These models are extremely poor quality and look nothing like their in real life counterparts shown here:


In addition to updating existing camo net to the new standard, more camo nets should be optional on vehicles as modifications, especially at top tier.

Example 3:
Incorrect weapons are on many older vehicles with many bug reports stating so, yet they are ignored by gaijin for whatever reason despite being clearly incorrect.
Currently the British 18-inch Mark XV torpedo that is installed on aircraft like Firecrest, Firebrand and Wyvern has wrong stats because they are copy-pasted from US mk.15 torpedo except for name and mass. See for yourself, most US destroyers have mk.15 torpedos like USS Barker, stats are identical.

But that’s not the end, as Fairmile D (697) boat also uses these same torpedo’s and their stats on this boat are almost correct except for the part that they already have their alternative mode applied (extended range for reduced speed)and the boat’s modification ‘torpedo mode’ further extends the torpedo’s range and reduces speed which is incorrect.

There are just 3 examples of older vehicles and mechanics that are now outdated and ignored.
If just some of these issues were addressed it would make the game a whole lot nicer to play for everybody, who doesn’t love a nice shiny cockpit or a new stealthy camo net?

All of these examples are British, as that is what I main, but the issues range across each nation. I would love to hear if anybody knows some other examples.