Gaijin need to add spall liners to Chinese vehicles

Yeah i know, i meant if there were any renderings or leaked images of it.

So why do some manuals of chinese apfsds rounds mention ZTZ-99B?

Pretty sure the 99B is cancelled.

I remember there’s some FAKE manual on internet… the numbers on it is quite absurd

I pretty sure there’s not official ZTZ99B, but considering China sometimes don’t like to name upgraded varients officialy(like once of mine Z-10 picture shows different turret and antenna from in game model), some fans might use it to call a upgraded version of ZTZ99A
PS: I remember a scale model producer, Trumpeter(also named HobbyBoss), have a ZTZ99B model, but considering the in game model is based on Trumpeter model and have lots of mistakes, i don’t think it’s a proper source

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Chinese shells IRL are quite poor, you’re comparing IRL test data to war thunder stats if you think china has one of the best

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It’s funny how I personally mention the Chinese DTC-10E/S right under that post - which would have equivalent pen to DM53 and American DU rounds, but you just kind of ignore that in order to write this ragebait.


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You seem to not understand the words “which would have”.
DTC-10 right now penetrates 577mm while IRL it penetrates 680mm from its literal documents.
DTC-10E/S penetrates more than 680mm in its test data.

It would have over 600mm when put into the game because it’s simply a better shell that penetrates more even when put into the literal calculation formula that War Thunder uses.


proof it exists?

The forum post: Add DTC-10E/S (APFSDS) to Chinese 11.7 vehicles - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum

And the bug report: New APFSDS DTC-10E/S should be added into Chinese MBT // // Issues

Have both been deleted due to posting classified information as their primary sources.

You’re welcome to ping the people who made the report and get them to post the documents that had their posts deleted in the first place. I’m not spoonfeeding, nor is this the thread for shells.

There’s also DTC-201 that was posted within this thread.

Additionally, rough estimates for DTC-201: New Type98/99 MBT thread | Page 390 | Sino Defence Forum - China Military Forum

Are 360mm at 60 degrees, while 3BM60 is 300mm at 60 degrees.


Yeah i guess i saw some unofficial stuff… which would make sense, there’s no reason to go for a ZTZ99(B?) if you’re already developing a different platform being the new gen MBT that got leaked in those imgs… i could see improvements on the 99As such as APS and other minor things but it seems like they are doubling down on the new MBT.

Well… I think the upgrade vatient have more chance called ZTZ99A-II or what, but not ZTZ99B(i hear some saying that it would be called ZTZ10 but Japanese released their Type 10, so considering it’s a further development of old ZTZ99 it be called ZTZ99A. It’s kinda like Tu-22 and Tu-22M or J-8I and J-8II, a new design but have connection to old model so for some reason be named as a varient)
And having Abrams X don’t mean US Army wont upgrade their M1A2s, it’s so wasting to throw not too old vehicles away just because there’s a new type of vehicle

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The nomenclature was there just for an example.

Ofc you won’t throw away stuff but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will get the funds to be upgraded.

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Also i’m not entirely sure of what design you’re talking about… if you’re talking about this:

I don’t see them naming it ZTZ-99 something


We currently only have exterior images of this vehicle.

I hope they release a documentary with photos/video of the interior like before, so that we can see the spall liner coverage.

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Could the ZTZ-99B also be a western name for the 99A but with the chinese domestic APS? I’ve seen that once being thrown around often

So far it seems to be part of the FAAS (Forward Armored Assault System). Pretty much the same chassis with configurations for 30/40/50 tons. So it pretty much shows a different direction that China decided to take with a much lighter MBT design and unmanned turret compared to KF41 and Abrams X.

Just for reference the ZTZ99A weights about 55 tons.

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the TOR-M1 vs the HQ-17 outright proves this.

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+1 gaijins hate of china and taiwan is painfully obvious