Gaijin need to add spall liners to Chinese vehicles

Also did you answer my question about the ERA top plate?

I don’t understand the question, honestly. Since the ERA doesn’t even have a plate modeled. It’s just “ERA” and then 45mm RHA under it.

From what I’ve deduced, the VT-4 just has numerous armor holes all over because of volumetric making the area where the two UFPs meet and where the driver port plate extends far weaker than usual.

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The fly-off plate. The top layer of the ERA.

I’m done with my computer for the night but you’re welcome to preview the VT-4A1 in-game and see what the ERA is like.

Honestly at this point either he, with the help of others, posts the evidence he found (and/or will find more of it since it’s a pretty hard topic to gather info on) and makes a bug report or this was just a “nice” chat between us. All good.

the bug reports are already made and acknowledged…

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Anyway given that it appears that spall liners are being tested on other vehicles on the dev server it is likely not far off that chinese vehicles will have them too. Albeit I’m not sure how much it will improve survivability given the carousel weakspot and the other typically being a breech shot.

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Anything helps at this point, I suppose having spall liners are better than not having them regardless of how much it actually helps, looking at the dev server with the autoloaders being properly modeled, I am expecting that Chinese top tier mbts will be even worse next update.


MBT-2000’s gunner hatch. The hatch lacks spall liner I think, so that probably means it doesnt have any spall liners. But there’s some kind of a layer of rubber or similar material on it. Also there are some old pictures of MBT-2000’s Interior and in the pictures you can see it lacks spall liner.

In all fairness autoloaders being modelled is long overdue. Besides from what I’ve heard from people saying they shouldn’t be added they shouldn’t make a real difference anyway.

Looks more like paint applied with a brush rather than a spray gun. The installed parts look like they had a spray gun treatment as their finish quality is far more uniform.

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I dont have much knowledge about paint but I think you are right.

A spall liner is better than nothing, plus from my personal experience the ERA on the turret helps quite a lot with survivability, most of the time people shoot in the wrong place or the shell straight up gets eaten/ricocheted. I don’t see the point of people that get annoyed with the autoloader modelling, a shot there will kill you no matter what, in all fairness any mbt that shows you the side is dead. Spall liners will help with lowering the amount of times you get knocked out by random spall hitting two crew members.


Just to be clear, here is the turret interior of the MBT-2000:


We can see very visible spall lining, so it certainly does have them.
It might not have any spall liners in the hull, though.

We’ve discussed that more in this thread: China Norinco VT series MBTs, History, Performance & Discussion - #284 by Miraz05

I misidentified the picture in that thread. It was VT-4’s interior not MBT-2000’s. MBT-2000’s Interior is similar but compared to VT-4 it has less computerized equipments.
MBT-2000. Unfortunately there are no clear images of MBT-2000/Al khalid’s Interior. Due to high exposure we cant really see anything like a spall liner. I’ll try to find some better Images.

But in this picture VT-4 has a slightly different Interior. So there is still some possibility that the photo I shared in that thread might actually be a photo of the MBT-2000. Maybe only Al Khalid lacked spall liner. Most of the interior pictures of MBT-2000’s are actually pictures of Al Khalid’s Interior.

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Btw here’s a even better picture of VT-4’s spall liner. You can see the spall liner hanging from the roof.

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That is interesting. In that case, it may be that the spall liner on the VT-4 was an addition made by the Chinese, and that it wasn’t stock on the MBT-2000 as well.

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Still no dev update? I mean its insane how much work u all have put in collecting so much evidence for spall liners… and yet Gaijin has not done anything about it. I wonder if Russian mains had to go through the same process.

I was wondering does modern Chinese tanks use the same autoloaders as the t72 or is it a more modern variant… Like, does it have the same fire rate?