Gaijin must change the battle-ratings for the Tornado's and Mig's-21 in (Air realistic Battles)

I hate it when i play a Tornado or a MiG-21 but i like these aircraft’s. but there is a big problem U can’t play it every single time because the battle-rating is to high and to unfair to fly these aircraft’s because u can’t do sh** against like a (F-16, F-14 or a F-4) E.T.C. i mean you have good missile’s but the enemy have every single time better missile’s and i would like that There Br’s would go from 11.0 and some 11.3 go down to 10.7 or 10.3 because you have at least a chance at 10.7 or 10.3 and i would find it better for these aircraft’s.

or decompression by moving top tier by at least up by 0.7.

I mean what should you do against IRCCM or Missile’s you cant flair away even if you fly low.

I’d rather have decompression by moving top tier by at least up by 0.7.

Moving them down will just compress Brs more.


I’m on the fence with the tornado. Should be 11.0 not 11.3 in air. Gaijin is just being stupid about that. But with it’s full CM count of 1576, IRCCM missiles, finished flight model, etc. Tornado could actually be usable in ARB at 11.0. they just… Won’t fix it


before anyone who isn’t in the know begins to sob at the idea of a unflarable tornado, 1) the engines are relatively hot. an afterburning Tornado can still be missiled, flares or not, and 2) the vast majority of that is Chaff.