Gaijin market all items deleted?

All war thunder items can’t display


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I hope they didn’t remove all items from our accounts.

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I purchased the Tornado, they took the GJN munnies and it hasn’t appeared. shrug

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I wanted to sell Churchill from BP and get some GJN to buy GE, but now I can’t.

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All my items are gone.

All my items are gone from my inventory also.
Vehicle coupons and upgrade vouchers, all gone.

its known

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Gaijin has said the issue was fixed, but it’s still screwed up. I had the coupons for the T-80UM2 and Tornado IDS in my inventory (holding on to them to see if they become worth more money down the road), but when I logged on just a few minutes ago I noticed immediately that the coupons were no longer in my inventory… and instead the vehicles were now available in their respective tech tree. So, it’s like Gaijin’s “fix” ended up consuming the coupons for me. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s certainly very annoying.

as mentioned known issue!

And should be resolved now