Gaijin learned nothing, again (Events)

I’ll be short, cause it’s pointless anyway

Gaijin logic:
“Hey, in these events community grinds like crazy …why would we not have these events constantly = constant max grind = profit …right?”


See, the 1st issue is that your infrastructure does not support this kind of traffic load. Game plays like sh*t at the events. This matters. People that like to grind to sell are not your whales you milk. If someone is willing to work 3 weeks to get 20 Gjn, this is not your target customer. Also, these type of events promote greedy and unfair gameplay that will generally have a negative impact of the game quality.

Also, events are still too grindy. This is anty casual setup and casuals are what carries this game. Busy dads with 2 jobs. Chinese /Brasilian teen that plays 20 hrs has no money.

If you want more money stop scaring people away with unsustainable SL economy.
Also make BP grindable for all player types. If I’m just pilot, and I play regularly, I should have no issues.
I swear, you’ll never learn.

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