Gaijin it's time to change the Abrams turret ring damage frequency / ease

Gaijin it’s a known issue it’s way too easy to damage the USA Abrams turret ring and it’s way over do for being corrected.

The turret needs to be lowered down or just decrease the gap which is way too easy to hit. The enemy doesn’t even have to really aim as long as they’re hitting close and the round locks the turret ring and basically is a death shot. It happens way too easy and way too often. There has already been proof provided that your design is off and making it way too easy to disable this tank.

It’s bad enough the gun is way too easy to take out lately at least you can correct the turret ring issue.


Inb4 you should take this to bug report site.

Exactly. Makes the Abrams way to easy to kill with even small caliber autocannons, 30mm

Me after I frontally OHKO the Abrams with the Tiger 2 H


Is it really a bug though? They’ve known about this for a while and it’s a design of the vehicle. It’s not like a weapon malfunction or ammo etc.

Would it technically be seen as a bug? And if I don’t submit a bug report would a suggestion moderator here move it to a different section for bug suggestions? Or is completely up to us to do the bug report and if I don’t it’ll just stay here as something to talk about only?

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“but guys! 5 second reload! too OP!”

It isn’t really a bug, just an oversimplification of the Abrams turret ring.

AFAIK model errors are still reported as bugs, ir i recall correctly 2A7V has the same issue and bug report about it was made.

Hell, id bet the abrams turret ring issue was already made into buf report, but i cant be arsed to look.


Best feeling ever

If the Abrams wasn’t easy to kill then the game wouldn’t be enjoyable for 80% of the playerbase. Enjoy your place in War Thunder as cannon fodder and suffer with dignity rather than whining about things as fickle as modeling.

Yeah, not like we don’t have to do anything like try to hide the hull behind a hill because it’s almost a guaranteed OHK, but also have to try to hide the turret ring for sure as well. For one of the largest MBTs in the game and world, Gaijin has it modeled basically as glass.

I will say with my Leos I’m getting some turret rings being damaged and guns hit quite a bit, but not near as much as the Abrams.

There is also an advantage of being huge as f in this game though lol at least with the Abrams the crews are not sitting next to each other like the Russians do in their tiny T-series, so post pen doesn’t always guarantee an OHKO, where you only has to kill two crews sitting in jerk off distance in any late T-series to secure a KO.

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