Gaijin is going to nerf Begleitpanzer's engine to 600hp which is wrong

in the next update, there’s a data mine that they will nerf the begleitpanzer’s engine to 600hp, which is wrong.


Yea it’s nonsense.
First they buff it with one source and then nerf it with another…

Make a bug report frfr

Not a bug
janes is not a primary source (please ignore that we used a Janes article to nerf the Bagel)
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do we have these?
International Defense Review 1978: Vol 11 Iss 2
International Defense Review 1979: Vol 12 Iss 3

i want to read what tf they were seeing

The reason why this source is valid and Jane’s is not is because IDR wasn’t from Jane’s until its acquisition in 1987. But I think it’s still its own seperate thing from what Jane’s does otherwise (but would need to double check if it’s still good to use for post 1987 editions). So IDR is deemed enough of a source according to Gaijin, whilst Jane’s used to until it lost its credibility due to too many mistakes in the experience of the devs.

Bit of a shame Jane’s can’t be used anymore, but there are some mistakes for sure, so I guess it’s somewhat fair…

I can try see what IDR magazines my uni library has, but it might not be the ones listed here. I think they might be the one’s from 1990+ anyway.

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Basically the listed apfsfs round for the bagel was interesting as mentioned in the IDR.
Could really use that as well as the HOT atgms.