Gaijin hate on French planes

Gaijin seems to hate french planes:
Just to be clear, Gaijin seems to have a bias toward evrything but french planes,
Firstly the french F84F at 8.3 doesn’t get airspawn unlike the American One.

Why such hate and unbalance, the same is present with the VautourIIA/B(bomber S.O.4050), the french one spawns on the ground and the Israeli one spawns like evry other bombers.

I really think Gaijin hates French planes, especially at Rank VI.

Gaijin Really needs to adjust these kind of things.

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It used to if it doesn’t anymore

The french bomber? Or the interceptor?

The bomber variant at 9.0

The only Vautour with airspawn is the french one at 8.3 (rank V). No rank VI plane has an airspawn.

Same with F84F. There are 5 variants at rank VI without airspawn, the only one with aispawn is the US one at rank V. That’s the only miracle…

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