Gaijin get on the trend!

Call of Duty, fall guys, halo , clash of clans all of them are on the trend. Gaijin also needs to get on the trend with their new update. @Stona_WT

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Which trend?
Go woke, go broke… Or what did you mean?


Announcements for announcements?

Warthunder is in its own niche, the game shouldn’t try to be like other games in the more casual slave because we don’t want it too.


It’s not about trying to be like other games. No game can compare or come close to GTA series and same goes for WarThunder. Did COD dropped It’s pvp and adopted open world roam around thingy or did Fall Guys Added cars and jets to fly around, No its just a trend of “Theme” aka The Poster.

Just a theme trend.

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We’re getting tier VIII tanks, that’s something(not to mention event & other holiday stuff + Update) [and new high tier premium tanks!] . . . and who needs yet another pastel poster trying to hype up junk for games that aren’t gonna change that much. Be a leader not a follower . . Gaijin has their own little niche’ game right here with little to no competition, why would they want to “be like everybody else”? I appreciate your sentiment, but the FOMO, jump on the bandwagon hype-a-thons aren’t helping gaming from the gamers side . . just rousting up more money for the industry . . I think I speak for many of us when I say “we want BETTER games more than hyped up lame games with nothing new to offer” . . . . just my opinion . . less shiny, more substance . . . but that may just be me . . .


Damn talk about hurting your guys feelings, for having a little bit of Easter egg fun. I didn’t see anyone complaining about the evergreen trend when that happened. And i don’t understand your context ( Be a leader not a follower ) is Gaijin running for Presidency?, if so count me in ill definitely vote for my favorite Vehicle combat game.

Plus its upto Gaijin to decide if they wanna do it or not, Not you or me i just put my idea out there. There’s no reason to be a little Grumpy old man and give negative reviews to every single change.
And in this case not even a change just a little fun easter egg.

you don’t even get it, but that’s ok . . . read my post again maybe, and this time, turn your sensitivity settings down a bit . . there is nothing disparaging towards you in there . . . it was more directed at the gaming/entertainment industry & how they are too scared to try new things, so we get re-hashed “remakes” of the same stuff all the time . . . Gaijin is actually pretty good at avoiding that for the most part. But it’s still a F2P game, so some similarities will be there regardless. All I wish for with Gaijin is that there are not too many . . . ya dig?

I would prefer the style of the first Sudden Strike or similar games from that era.

Sometimes things may or may not be ready, so unless they are 100% sure that things are in the bag, they would rarely announce things ahead of time

That being said… do they really want to try to be like other games as someone mentioned ?