Gaijin. Fix the FV4005

The damn tank that ripped the turret CLEAN off the Hull of a Centurion, and Vaporized the internals of a Conqueror THROUGH spaced armor, is NOT going to do stuff like this.




I mean smacking a Panther in the turret front? does nothing 99% of the time, Hitting a IS-3’s front plate? Which is EXACTLY what the 183mm gun was designed to deal with? Takes one crew member, Hitting a TIGER 2 P in the turret face, Takes his loader and yellows the ammo in the back of the turret.

Why does a tank SO damn deadly in tests, do this? If its going to be this ineffective in game, you need to half its reload so atleast its only 20 seconds between doing nothing, instead of 40.

I mean i hit a IS-1 IN THE SIDE OF THE HULL, and only KO’d two of its crew.


HESH would be difficult to model so it is basically been nerfed to uselessness. Since this mostly affects UK tanks it is allowed to remain. They don’t matter as much as any of the others.

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But its the 4005, if anything IT should get a exception, it should atleast be modeled as if its a HE shell with more pen instead of this garbage.

I mean again, the tank IRL ripped the turret CLEAN off a Centurion chassis.

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Their already working to fix HESH.

I doubt they are, they said that years ago, and we got the update that made HESH useless.

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Well, this is a byproduct of gaijins spaghetti code, and their horrible implementation of HE and HESH alike, because a direct hit to a T-72 from a 155mm HE shell would blow it to whence it came from, but does nothing without “hang spots” in game, and ERA just stops it completely.


I’m just going to say it, the 4005 should have near Sturmtiger levels of destructive power, in order to actually balance out what it sacrifices. At least the Sturmtiger has armor. The 4005 has no other useful attributes other than the gun. It can be .50 cal’d from the front, it’s mobility in unimpressive, it doesn’t have a true turret, it’s basically built out of ammoracks, it’s huge and hard to hide, and it’s easy plane food.

Sure, it reloads slightly quicker than the Sturmtiger, and it is an easier gun to aim, so I’m fine with it not deleting everything in an area like that can, but a tank that sacrifices so much just for it’s firepower should be consistently deleting tanks with decent shots, not doing damage comparable to 90mm HEAT with over 3x the reload.


I made a bug report for that: // Issues

It cant be that a HE round with less than half the explosives can do massive amounts more damage than a hesh round.

I played the AVRE for years before all the broken updates to the round and it used to be my favorite tank. I saw and noticed over the years how they broke not balanced the round. After they added the Sturmtiger it was completely useless as they did some code change to the hesh.

I remembered a comment i read that makes me laugh sometimes.
“If HESH is so bad why dont you use another round?” -Random forum user.

EDIT also another issue report that got “acknowledged”: // Issues


I’m sleeping and seeing how shell with 70 kg tnt does hit.

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2 months ago, I knew this was a thing over a year ago now. If the HESH effect procts the round ends up doing less damage than if it didn’t as the he effect doesn’t even take place half the time. It’s one or the other and never both. It happens to heat but just to a lesser extent as it’s a lot rarer to get into situations where this would matter.

I think shells bigger than 120mm should damage the turret ring, even if they didn’t pen it, if the turret is struck by then. Irl it would have probably bent the turret ring causing it to jam and therefore break. In game it would make for a decent mechanic where even if you didn’t pen the tank you would have a chance at surviving maybe as it would damage and maybe stun the crew. Allowing you the time to reload.

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Where have they said that? (And how many more years do we have to wait)

Yeah, it’s so goddamn infuriating even on the Cent AVRE.

Smacked a T-55 in the cupola earlier.


Smacked an IS-6 in the driver port.

Only killed the driver.

HESH needs to be corrected, yesterdecade.


off topic, but your name threw me for a loop.

They also claim there was only 17kg of explosive mass in a 73kg shell. are they really claiming that 40% of the shell makes up the weight of a teenage child when the other 60% is plastic explosives?


It shows the duality of man. I either get friend request after every match or get team killed for it. Although I am shooting myself in the foot as someone pointed out I could have done gothfemboyhitler instead, especially when I couldn’t make it hooters but hooter due to word limit.

Except according to gaijin, the high explosive filler doesn’t exist lmfao. Just some empty mass that disappears like the ghost shells.