Gaijin designs tanks to fail at high tier on purpose

I’m tired of unlocking high tier tanks and then having to grind them, slowly, and painfully, by constantly dying without accomplishing anything. This is because, until you unlock basic modifications like an APFSDS round or laser rangefinder, you are at a severe disadvantage, and may not even be able to destroy other tanks of the same BR. It’s absurd that these tanks, which had such items at the start of their production, are denied them until you unlock them through a grind that is nothing but misery.

It seems obvious to me that Gaijin has designed the game in this manner simply to FORCE players to pay GE to accelerate research. It has instead just made me want to stop playing these vehicles, and made me question whether I should continue playing the game at all.


Just follow your mind. If you think the game fun, then play it, if not fun, then drop it.

Gaijin wants you to fork over money so that you dont have to suffer for dozens of battles trying to get apfsds. Its alll about profit 📈


There’s the bottom line truth, free to play but pay to compete sensibly.


It’s just stupid. I’m in an 11.7 tank with a HEAT round and a stabilizer. The round can’t penetrate anything, yet everything can kill me with one shot. Thermals. Laser rangefinder. I don’t have a chance, and am simply left dying for 100 f**king games to unlock each modification.

How on earth does Gaijin think this is fun? Do they really think that this is rewarding game play? Is it their idea of fun to watch their players suffer? See how much pain they’re willing to endure? Are they sitting back behind the servers watching and snickering? It’s been going on too long for me to think it’s anything but that.

They never think this is fun, instead, It’s exactly what they want. They want player to suffer so that they are “more likey to pay for APFSDS, thermal and rangefinder”
Well, actually more would just choose to withdraw rather than really pay for 'em.

If they want you to pay they need to stop with this absurd conversation rate, not once in my years of playing have I felt even remotely tempted to convert anything, the desire is about as high as to light my money on fire.