Gaijin daddy gib 2A7V for Chwistmas plz

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Not like this!

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plz daddy gaijoob

Gaijin did us dirty, Germany desperately needs the 2A7V I’m sick of 1st gen thermals

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@Smin1080p said heavy armored Leopard2 for German are coming this year as i remember

Is there a chance that the 2A7V is still coming this update, but it wasn’t shown in the trailer?

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Possible since they promised up armored Leopard coming this year

have to love that at br 10 the S238 gets gen 3 therms and 11.7 tanks are still at gen 1

Sweden got another leopard 2 the STRV122

It was in the trailer

2A7V is way too modern for WT right now, if it was added it would be in a nerfed state like the type 10 and KF41. There are better options that would be more like the strv 122 like 2A6E, 2A6Hel, TVM or 2A6ex.

2A7V with DM13 😁

Most likely it would be missing its D-tech, DM73, acceleration, optics or a combination of things just like the PSO when it was added.

I don’t think 2A7V would be game breaking. I mean if we can get T90M and STRV122B then why cant we get 2A7V?

Strv122b+ does not have the L55A1 gun, does not have gen 3 thermals, does not have the better drive train for better acceleration, does not have DM73 / KE2020Neo and it does not get the same D-tech as the 2A7V. In what way is the 2A7V fair against a 2A5 with hull armour and no DM53?

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Daddy should spend time with the family instead of playing WT on christmas days ;-)

Have you been a good boy?


Santa’s got a surprise for us?

What a surprise…Christmas hanger is late again this year as we are well into Advent. Also, by Leopard, I hope it is this one: