Gaijin can you do something about the pansir?

Gaijin I shot a total of 5 pars at a Pansir and NONE of them did the following of overpressure, or ammo racking it but it was able to repair and kill me in that time frame. Like honestly it should have been dead in the first 2 hits but it lived.

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Pantsir, ITO-90M, TOR-M1, etc doing their job against helicopters… good.
Now we need stronger SPAA since fixed wing CAS is unkillable.


Yes, make Pantsir available at all br so we can get rid of pesky CAS that ruins ground battles.


Uh, CAS player complaining

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well, it’s a big truck with many empty space.
this became worse since random lock point was added. but it’s not something can be “fixed”, F&F missile’s is not smart enough like manual missile controlled by yourself.
Change the location of some lock point can help, but then cause another hit in different direction.

and is it really that unreasonable to complain?

Pantsirs are the most effective top tier SPAA in game currently. Most nations cant really engage in CAS at all at top tier when vs soviets with the Pantsir. Meanwhile soviets can attack with virtual immunity because in comparison every other nations SPAA are significantly weaker.

So when OP manages to actaully evade the Pantsir long enough to get into range, and then lands multiple hits on what is essentially a truck and doesnt get the kill. Heck doesnt even meaningfully damage it. Then there is perfectly justified reason to complain. Lets face it. That Pantsir IRL would be a smoldering wreck from just 1 of those hits.

Imagine if you hit a CAS jet with multiple SAMs and it just returned to base and repaired as if it was nothing. Im sure you’d complain just as much.


His missiles literally hit and destroy the 30MM ammunition, yet the “truck” as you call it is somehow a big empty box?


ok, I skipped the bottom half part. For this, not only Pantsir, in other spaa, this also happens, just a small probability.

Pantsir can’t kill fixed wing CAS, USSR and the other 9 tech trees need SPAA better than Pantsir.

TIL Russians have developed insensitive gunpowder for 30mm.

Does not happen on other SPAA because only soviet’s need to be so handheld that all of their SPAA gets backups to their missiles.


F&F missiles are notoriously bad in game, I also noticed that the missile wasn’t overpressuring him (even after the ammo belt got destroyed, and a massive explosion went off, that was egregious).

Did Gaijin secretly nerf the PARS LR? Or did someone provide RELIABLE DOKUMENTS from Vlad’s crusty Facebook screenshot detailing the excellent overpressure protection of the Pantsir on the issues forum? We’ll never know 😏

That was sarcasm, but this also happens to the FlaRakRad to an extent, over pressure mechanics go out the window when there is a lot of empty space. I used to consistently one shot Pantsirs with PARS btw, so make of that what you will.

No, it happens in other spaas, just watch some youtuber’s clips, plenty of examples

I agree but ammo detonation mechanics are a mess, I feel like for that instance the Pantsir shouldn’t have survived, that’s 1000 rounds of 30mm HE in a confined space going off.

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It seems they apply the same probability of separated ammo of tank on these ammo belts. In tanks, you can hit only one ammo, and no explosion, like what often happend in russian tanks, but spaa belt is different.

Pantsirs is the only dangerous spaa for apache AH.1, the missile is too fast, and the shot range cover the respawn point, which are other spaas can’t do.

VT1 has nearly the same speed as pantsir missile and every single top tier SPAA outranges your apache except adats, which has the same range.