Gaijin: "Awakening The Volcano" is a terrible design choice

I am all for a challenge, but this achievement is quite simply absurd. Not because it’s “hard” - I have no problem with the objectives within each task, but I really don’t feel like being at the mercy of random map selection to complete it because this is an unnecessary and frustrating time-sink component.

I prefer RB tanks and I am willing to play the other game modes, but forcing a player to complete a very difficult objective on top of random map selection is just poor design.

You’re just forcing players to setup a bar on all nations and abandon maps in Air AB as soon as they load - which is also creating a very poor experience for the players not seeking the achievement. You’ve created an achievement that quite literally invites players to quit matches before they even start and spoil balance for everyone else.

I have map preferences banning and disliking common “Ground Strike” maps and favoring “Dominations”, but it looks like maybe 1 out of every 15 maps is Dominations, even with these preferences.

You’re expecting even hardcode players to invest a 100+ hours into one achievement? You’re going to have a lot of angry players if you don’t fix this mess.

Explain how this is “fun”? Whoever came up with this achievement has never actually done it themselves.


It’s definitely not a hard challenge but because of map design it’s almost impossible. We need a better matchmaker.
There’s a game that I can’t mention, because the mods will class it as advertising (but it does involve a one-handed Texan), that has a player count of around 1000 more at the time of writing that has enough players in each corner of the game to allow for matches. There’s some in king of the hills and some in the triple cap maps. Because Gaijin only has 2 modes in GRB it’s obvious to have two different matchmakers for those who want either one or both.


I just gave up this stupid challenge. 6 games in a row and all Ground Strikes.
I don’t have time for this bull…

You obviously have not yet understood map rotation.
If you quit a map and join a new game, you likely get it back.
Same as in a cinema, if you quit the movie and come back minutes later, that same movie is still in rotation. You have to return after a while when a new movie is on to see something else. You screenshot illustrates this: Six matches within 3 minutes. You are still in that rotation period. If you want to understand it better, use the replay server to look at the variation.

just try to set a wager that says “Destroy Groundtargets”, and voilá, you will get more cap Maps than you need :)

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Come on ! It took me a bit more than an hour to achieve the Air AB part of this challenge …

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It will probably be easier than doing 6 specials, IF you can land fast.

I never thouht it worked that way, i kind of thought it was based a players preferences

No, I mean all three stages combined. I have already finished Ground RB (10 hours) and Air AB (4 hours) parts. Naval is going to take a bit longer I think.

And I’m talking about the AVERAGE player - just look at team composition and you will see that 3/4 of every team is less than level 20.

I played for about 10 hours in AB, a day dedicated to getting the air aspect of the challenge done, and by the end of the day, I was leaving matches and waiting out the crew timers, taking the 8 minutes to do something else in my life. I regret leaving the matches, but I gave feedback like @Caelib is now doing. It’s a great challenge but it’s a bad design given the rarity of the match type required.

There should be a UI feature to enable a matchmaking restriction/bias for attempting to complete the challenge which becomes un-usable after the challenge is complete. In other words, you check a box somewhere on the UI for the challenge, and your AB matches might be a longer queue but all wind up into Domination matches until you’ve completed the challenge or unchecked the box. This would likewise be needed for Naval matches.

I’m not overly familiar with Naval, but I seemed to encounter the same problem. I know Encounter is a match type with an objective, but I don’t know how they work or if they ever really get captured. It seemed like just a deathmatch type of match where everyone tried to fight from range until tickets ran out. Maybe people poke at the NPC cargo ships and cap points with coastal vessels, but after developing the Leave Match meta from AB, I was happy to leave Encounter matches in Naval.

Also Naval is bound by score requirements that require a plane spawn. I mean it’s much more practical to get a plane kill while in a fighter plane than in a boat. Even then it’s tough sometimes. However, I found myself leaving if time and score dictated. If I knew I couldn’t complete the objective because I died early or multiple times before capturing a point, that I wouldn’t have enough time to earn points to kill a plane or wouldn’t have enough respawns, I would simply leave.

So I don’t think a match type queue system like my AB suggestion would work in Naval because there are many more factors encouraging leaving matches. The same could be said for AB if all the vehicles get destroyed before you get one, but it’s at least easy to get to a ground vehicle compared to trying to kill a plane in naval.

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On my side, 4 hours to achieve the whole challenge, naval is the easiest part.
Are you playing in slow-motion ? (kidding) ^^

Players level 20 … Okay, so ?
Don’t judge players about their level. 80% of bad player at level 3 are still bad at level 100 and always will be.

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I haven’t tried Naval yet because I want to wait until the “Coastal Aggressors” challenge has started so I can kill two birds with one stone - good to hear that it is easy. Are you playing on Arcade or Realistic difficulty for Naval battles?

I am not judging players based only on their level - organically getting into 5 “Domination” games is going to take an extremely long time when you only have Rank 3 aircraft from one or two nations. Generally speaking, new players do not have the experience to complete challenges as quickly as those of us that have been playing since 2012 - it’s a combination of knowledge of the game systems, game mode, maps, vehicles available and skill.

Arcade fast coastal boat for fast cap, it take 6 games to complete the task (just because nobody spawned in a plane during the 5th game…). ^^

It will be one of the task that I ll skip. Gaijin really made sure to make it worst task possible. On release and on wiki you needed only 3 battles with condition met but they made it 5 which makes it a pass for me.


Not a bug.

Cool, thanks for the info! I haven’t played naval in years.

Key word “frustrating” … there’s plenty of ways to make time-sinks fun.

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It took me two days.