Gaijin add saclos sam to Italy in next update, or I will have to take action

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Yea italy’s SPAA is comically ass compared to everyone else (except isreal)

It’s over bros, tobiasmelgaard is gonna take down Gaijin by himself if Italy won’t get SACLOS


I looked up italy anti air units but could not find any sam systems they use. What do you got in mind?


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Italy doesn’t really have SAMs, closest thing would prolly just be Polyphem carrier or Aspide launchers or whatever, however they can get the Centauro Draco, but that is not a SAM

“Or will I have to take action” - Quote of the week.

In all seriousness, what mobile SAM system would they get? It doesn’t seem like they use/have used any so just adding one willy nilly isn’t really an option for this game.

Mirador Eldorado Indigo maybe





That isn’t a self propelled system like the ones in game. The laucher means nothing without the radar vehicle and players can’t control two at a time. If you have a launcher system that simply fires the missiles with no way to lock a target or provide guidance it isn’t really classified as an SPAA and wouldn’t fit into the game. Needs to be a single vehicle SAM system, not multivehicle or emplaced system as of right now.

Maybe these two addition to the hungarian subtree:
9K31M Sztrela 1M
SPAA MMistral Unimog

Give Italy a system from Greece. They use Crotale NG. Or they could take the Pirahna 10x10 from Switzerland which is also Crotale NG.

But Crotale is French?

And its stuck on a lot of different chassises.

Its why for dev simplicity france in game has a finnish spaa on the Sisu chassis instead of the FVS 987 which would probably be more fitting.

Crotale NG is just the missile system.

Yes but Italy has nothing do with either a Greek or Swiss Crotale NG system…

It’s over for Anton.

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