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Since the introduction of the G6-45 in 1987, Denel Land Systems kept on upgrading the G6 platform over the years. In 2003 The new G6-52 was unveiled for the first time and showcased improved features such as better mobility & range, increased accuracy & fire rate, and full protection against counter-battery fire. The new G6 came in two versions, one with a standard 23L chamber designated as the G6-52 and one with a larger 25L chamber known as the G6-52ER (Extended Range). When it comes to the fire power the G6-52ER, it received a new 155mm 52-caliber main gun, modified baffle design and a new rammer which increase the rate of fire from three round per minute to six rounds per minute. During trials in November 2019 the G6-52ER fired a RDM M9703 V-LAP round with M64 Zone Six charge, which reached a total distance of 76.3km (47.4mi), which is a huge improvement over the range of the older G6-45 at a firing range of 52.5km (32.6mi).



Main Armament: 155mm 52-caliber

Shell types: HE, HE-VT, HE-VLAP, Smoke

Ammunition amount: 40 projectiles & 40 charges

Secondary armament: One 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun

Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, radio -operator)

Smoke grenades: four (two on each side)

Top speed: 90km/h

All-wheel drive: 6x6

Night vision device: Yes

Laser range finder: Yes



Primary Sources

Surviving The Ride, written by Steve Camp & Helmoed Romer Heitman (Page 224-226)

Sou th African Armoured Vehicles “A history of innovation and excellence” writte n by Dr Dewald Venter (Page 38-44)

Secondary Sources

Tank Ensyclopedia: G6 Rhino - Tank Encyclopedia


Thermals or just image intensifier?

Would be amazing if we got this variant, the boosted mobility, fire rate and fire power would be amazing, it really lacks the HE power at 7.0 currently. +1

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By chance, do you know the reverse speed of the G6-52ER?

Because currently ingame, i feel that it is one of the biggest weaknesses of the G6 Rhino, after its turning circle. Making it not really possible to peak shots with it, because its limited turret traverse and size.

From what i know, there is no problem with its standard HE, however if you are using the HE-VT, there is currently a bug where it doesn’t do the same amount of damage (in regards to thinkness of armor plate it can pen), even if it is within the proxy fuse distance (it behaves like standard HE within that distance)
The HE and HE-VT have the same amount of explosive filler.


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