G.E. & Pack Question


I have two questions regarding G.E. & Packs

  1. When do Gaijin usually do sales on plane packs other than during the Christmas holiday?

  2. What’s the cheapest was to get G.E., is it buying it directly from Gaijin’s store or through one of the lootboxes? Also is G.E. discounted on holidays as well as packs or it remains the same price?

Sorry for the novice questions, but I’ve played on and off over the years, but I am getting more into the game now

Bonus Question: Who’s your favorite English Warthunder (air) Youtuber that is good for learning the game more?

There is a discount also in summer…and perhaps may. There is one at game birthday, but this is close to christmas. Examples from last year:

AFAIK GE never goes on sale.


I think the next will be in May on VE day(Victory in Europe).
Here’s the calendar of past sales:

The cheapest way to get GE is playing an event to get a vehicle coupon, sell it on the market and then use the GJN coins to buy the GE in Gaijin Store. Without any real money you will be able to buy GE.
The next cheapest way to get GE is through buying vehicle packs during a sale(if you also want the vehicle), then use that already discounted GE from the pack only on the next sale. You’ll have to wait several months for this but you multiply the value of the GE from packs by 4 times.

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With the new event system and the insane 750K score requirement to sell it, this is not that easy anymore.

It depends on the time you dedicate to playing the game, and the rank and game modes you play. There were players with the 750k already in mid-event, only 4 marks and already with the coupon upgrade. There are people here whose life is basically playing this game(not a critique, everyone is free to do whatever they decide with their own free time, I just don’t consider it healthy)

Iirc it’s ve day in May, mid summer, the games birthday, and Christmas. Buts that’s he sales. Pack sale are a bit more complicated. Xbox doesn’t get them around the same time as steam does if they get them at all. so basically if your on console you get the same ge sales but packs are less frequent. Xbox didn’t get pack sales for birthday or Christmas until a few weeks after each. And I can’t remember sales on them at all throughout the year besides then. Just be patient for pack sales if your on console. Ge sales are the same so look out for those.

Yeah, but the majority of people (me included) have lives outside of WT and for us it is very difficult to get 750K to sell an event vehicle for GJN to get premium time, GE, and packs.

Same as me and honestly I would rather work extra time and buy the vehicle than to grind all that time but the OP asked what was the cheapest way to get GE, not the easiest. 🙂

i agree. its a lot for people that dont have a bunch of free time and if they are not that good at the game. Last event people were talking oh got it done with out even trying and im here struggling to get to the 750k

He’s asking about sales where GE (Golden Eagles) is discounted, not when GE vehicles are discounted. There were a few GE sales in the past for PC players, but not for console players.

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Like that guy that had 376 matches in the last week, and 60 matches on that same single day. War Thunder is his life.

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By the way, does WT ever discount premium time? Mainly the 1 year one?

Yes, in every of those sales they put the 1 year(365d) of premium time at half price, but you have to buy it in the game not on the Gaijin Store.

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Not sure they do it on EVERY sale. I recall someone complaining that Premium time wasn’t on sale at a time when lots of other stuff was…and the answer was that premium had been on sale one month earlier (on another sale).
I dont recall the specific context…but i am not sure if premium time is on sale in May and then again in the summer…for instance. It is on one of them at least…

Summer sale is only a bundle or pack sale, I was refering to normal WT sales, those that have first GE vehicles, modifications and premium sale and only after a Gaijin Store sale. You also don’t get discount on premium account in other smaller sales like the D-Day or Black Friday.
Right now you get sales almost every week…

Just making sure the OP gets what he is asking…as you say…lots of sales.

MY POINT…if you want 1 year premium at 50% i think you will get a chance in the MAY SALE…assuming it is the same as last year.
Not sure if you will have another chance until the end of year sales.

Assuming it’s the same as in previous years he’ll get another chance in the Anniversary and in the Winter sales.