Fw 189C (V6)

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I would like to suggest the Fw 189C (V6) Strike Aircraft.
It would offer a nice Br 1.3 (Definitily not higher duo to abysmally weak engines while beeing a heavy plane, so worse performance than the Hs 129) Armed with enove frontal firepower to destroy unarmored and light armored targets as well as 4x 50 kg bombs to destroy some heavyer.

Allready shown in the Legion Condor in the spanish civil war, it was shown that the Closeup reconnaissance planes of the Luftwaffe (He 46 and Hs 126) were far too slow and unprotected.
As such the RLM created requirements for a new plane, which had to have MG defencive armarment as well as 200 kg of bombs with at least 900 Ps engine performance (in summary, not per engine), to have the required speed and mobility.

As such 3 companies were up for the contract, the Fw 189, Ar 198 and Bv 141, which were each tasked to build 3 Prototypes. However Arado also left early, duo to errors in the designe which were impossible to fix.

The prototypes were powered by 2x Argus As 410 engines with 430 Ps each, which were less than ideal, however were one of the only engines that were not in production for the wareffort and needed for other higher priority planes (same downfall as for the Hs 129 A).

In April 1937 the Bv 141 was quite well developed, however was too “Unique” and not really ready as well as using a BMW 801A engine, which were needed for other planes, as such it was not chooses. And instead the Fw 189 went into production with multiple generations of planes.

The C series were trails of 2 Prototypes to convert the reconnaiccanse to an close support ground striker plane, removing the big 3 crew compartment and replacing it with a TINY armored capsul for 2 crew. Which was heavily armored and had 1x Mg 81Z as defencive armarment. Furthermore the offensive armarment was increased to 4x Mg 17 and 2x 20mm Mg FF. (V1, V6 was upgraded to 4x Mg 17 and 2x Mg 151(/15?)
Equipped with 2x Argus As 410A engiens with 469 Ps each, it was absolutly horrible to fly, had bad visiblity and the crew of 2 was absolutly crammed in the compartment that looks like for 1 person.

After the 2 prototypes (which the 2nd (V6) was allready a improved version, the project was abandond in favour of the Hs 129.

In game it still can be usable at 1.3, while a brick in the air destined to crash if 1 engine is damaged (or something else and having greater drag then) it will be able to fight ground targets and the Mg 81Z (as allready found on Ju 87 D-3, D-5 and G-1 and G-2) will absolutly shredd every and any enemy plane behind you at least. However this looks very much from the front like a WW2 A-10 and is equially armored. And the possible 15mm Mg 151/15 will be able to penetrate many ground targets.

Pictures:(Click to show)


Length / Width / Height: 12,30 m / 18,40 m / 3,10 m
Engines: 2x Argus As 410 A-1 engines of 469 Ps (each)
Top speed 360 km/h
Armarment: 4x 50 kg locks (so SC50, but IRL also more small bombs)
4x Mg 17 (1000 rpg)
2x 15 mm or 20 mm Mg 151 (250 rpg)
(Likely 15 mm Mg 151/15 duo to its rolle, the Hs 129 B-1 also had the 15mm guns, as well as considdering the construction year. However both are easily possible duo to the change beeing a simple barrle and ammo change.)
1x Mg 81Z (Defencive)
(For more info on the ammo and other guns, feel free to take a look at my informatic post here.

Private Gallery
Focke-Wulf Nahaufklärer Fw 189 A „Uhu“, Schulflugzeug Fw 189 B „Eule“ und Schlachtflugzeug Fw 189 C – Entwicklung, Produktion und Einsatz
Aussichtsplattform Die Fw 189 der erste reine Aufklärer der deutschen Luftwaffe


+1 goofy planes always welcome!

I made an error regarding the armarment.
While the V1 did indeed have 2x 20mm Mg FF
The V6 actually has 2x 15 or 20 mm Mg 151s (even visible in the picture as the Mg 151 doesnt have the muzzle booster required by the Mg FF to work) with 250 rpg.
Also the case ejection ports under the wings are visibly FAR to far to the back, that it cant be Mg FF to both be placed over then and have the barrle look out the front.

Duo to the year and use (like the Hs 129) it is more likely they are 15mm guns, however, the change between 15 and 20mm is merly a barrle and ammo change.

MG FF and 151 comparisson of barrle End:(Click to show)

Here the Mg FF (and /M) with the short barrle, visible booster and spring.

While the Mg 151 (15mm and 20mm)
Have a smooth long barrle without an end part.
Which is also visible on the V6:

i wonder if these would’ve eventually been fitted with the big cannon pods such as 30mm, 37mm

Unlikely with an Mk 101 or Mk 103 as there simply isnt any space to store the ammo, 37mm Pods like under the Ju 87 G would have been possible instead of the 4x 50 kg Locks.