FV721 Fox a wheeely good boi


It was acknowledged. By the way, that’s a lot of sources just to add an LRF.

looks like it was raised 3 months ago! Rather a long time to add something as simple as a LRF :/

It said mk5/2 but I think it may have meant the mk5L which does stand for laser range finder. May have even been the mk5/1 one of these is correct I just can’t remember which one.

this is Gaijin after all, and without trying to fall too far down the hole of the British “victim complex” as some people like to call it, errrr… I doubt Gaijin will ever add that. They are very slow on acknowledging bug reports for Brit vehicles and even slower at implementing them…

oh, and they lack basic literacy skills - refer to the ASPRO-HMT incident.

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Can stop 30mm apfsds rounds huh, don’t you mean it provides 30mm of ke protection. Yeah that sounds about right.



Posted a fun little meme for the Fox over on the reddit, nice touch by gaijin to allow the doors to be blown off without knocking out the car. Only seen it once in over 100 games but still nice touch.


those are just external storage tanks, they dont actually lead into the fox in any way, but are water tight and serve as additional volume for allowing it to float once amphibious

I’m another vote for the Fox need to move up in BR. 7.7 seems right. The speed, pen and rate of fire is just too much at 7.0 I’ve been in several games recently where a well played Fox was able to get to a good position so fast that the opposing team couldn’t counter it. Thus it was able to disrupt the advance so much that the rest of the Brit et al team was able to get to superior positions also and game over.

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Everyone knew Fox was getting sent to the shadow realm when BR changes came. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not like Britain has any good lineups below 7.7 to use it in anyway.


Would be a shame if there was a phenomen that the higher you go in br the thinner the sides get. Would be a shame


I play it at 11.7 doesn’t matter where the Fox is tbh.


Was going to say been using it at 10.3 to get into my Bucc 2B recently without too much issue lol.

Still think its a damn shame it got pulled from service just a bit before the CVRT thermal/LRF upgrade program happened. Also still wanting the Ferret swingfire for a proper gremlin lineup/buddy system.

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The only tanks it struggles with are the Maus and T95. I’ve been popping BVM’s and 90M’s and sooo may Leo2’s haha.


Honestly it will be even a bit better, at 7.7 you would meet things with less armor ideally if you get downtiered, i’d say fair enough.

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The br is deserved, just pisses me off it takes gaijin years to move blatantly op tanks (pt76 57 and 2s38) up as they do it a smidge at a time. Where as with us they will send it to the stratosphere the moment the br changes come through. Now I’ll have to see the pieces of shit in the t55ams and amds I wanted to avoid. It won’t necessarily struggle against them, I’ve just had enough of dealing with their bullshit.


Stats wise the Fox wasn’t just doing well, it was doing extremellyyyy well. If we’re talking say the 2S38 is at like 125% of the performance of other similar vehicles, Fox was like 350%. Haha
(numbers used for illustration purposes and not official figures)


Oh I’m not disagreeing with the changes, just a little miffed that it took them months to move the pt 76 57 up by 0.3 while the fox gets moved directly to its correct br.

The only real correct BR

Oh god yous still play 11.3…. My condolences. I’ll be sticking to my 10.3 line up Thankyou very much. It’s just a shame we don’t have an spaa for 10.3, But I guess the za 35 does well enough. Although I still haven’t played the vickers mk7, the massive breach weak spot just stops me from wanting to even try spading it.

Also why do you take the gr 7 over the gr 1 if I may ask? I find the gr 7 struggles to retain speed while dodging pantsir’s, also being able to climb miles away helps with bomb lobbing.