FV510 Warrior IFV - Technical Data and Discussion

Dont say minus or it WILL be minus. say 8 and leave it, just like ho wit should have been on the warrior, but who cars as the milans were awful anyway lol.


The rack literally fits 1 more… JUST PUT IT IN AAAAA

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Few things on the base warrior from the dev:
The MILAN’s don’t show up on the x-ray
A lot of ammo clips appear to be missing from the box
Rarden model is still the old model, despite the FV721 having an updated model

I’m happy to see the additional missiles, although I think one is missing. Anyway, it’s hard to believe that they would only give us 4 in total initially…

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I’m fairly sure those missing ones are being stowed between the commander and the gunner?

Smol bug report

That would be annoying…

Im pretty sure the missing ammo is in game and not something new on the dev.

15 clips in between the two of them, 12 clips missing from the side stowage… Side stowage holds 72 clips total, limit is 75 clips, seems we get 3 bonus clips in that case?

Careful or you’ll get 2+6

8 missiles is pretty much the standard for that BR so I’m not too fussed if we get 8 or 10 tbh

2+6 would make sense to me as that would match the stowage on the Warrior, just with 1 more active missile tube.

I could be wrong, but other vehicles (except for the Warrior) don’t have missing missiles at the rear. It makes more sense to have the racks loaded. But I’m fine with 2+6 as well.

This is what i mean, why is it we have a “realistic” depiction of a missile load out while everyone else has as many as possible chucked in (apart fromt he namer, the poor sods). Maybe if the warrior was still 8.0, as a balancing gimick, however thats not the case anymore as aparently the warrior is as good as the bradly? Maybe on long range maps that you can flank on, but all we get nowadays is cqb maps and the sorry state that is holland (whoever thought adding entire areas of the map as out of bounds should really look else where for work…)

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I think it depends on whether the launchers can stow missiles out of combat. If the Delco launchers can then we should have 2+8, but (and I’d have to check the Marders) I think anything with MILANs will have the first round taken from the hull

All brochures say that there are 2 missiles ready to fire and that the number of missiles stowed is vehicle-dependent. So 2+8.


Do you know why there is a missile missing from the left rack? If there were 2 missing, it wouldn’t look wrong, but just one missing on the bottom left seems unfinished.

Smin in on vacations now, you have to ask someone else

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Warrior supremacy


It really is a shame that we can’t remove the addon armour from the D. Warrior, most of the time its not going to help, I’d much rather have better mobility without the armour