FV4005 Stage I suggestion

The FV4005 Stage I was the predecessor in its program to the Stage II we currently see in-game, the primary differences being it trades the turret “armor” in favor of an autoloader for the 183mm HESH launcher enabling the vehicle to fire around 6 rounds per minute.
This could be a nice little addition to the British tree, perhaps foldered with the FV4005 Stage II? let me know what you think id be interested to see what others think about this contraption


well looks better than the fv we have in game.
used to call it the shitbarn.
to be realistic though the shitbarn couldnt shoot the gun if it was at an incline of more than 10 something degrees as the turret would get ripped off from the recoil.
You could also suggest the FV215b (183). itll actually have some armour.

The FV215B is just straight up fake it would never get added to the game


it’s like the Coelian issue : It was made in wood only.

We’ve E100, E75* (Konigstiger 10.5cm), Panther II and Flankpanzer 341 Coelian in the game ( removed for the news players, but still in the game. E100 is a Special Event Vehicule ). Same about Hori tank ; why not introduce our Behemot ?

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Because they have explained to us. Multiple times.

They got several fake vehicles in the tech tree so why not these three I mentioned. Dbl. barrel German vehicle that fires rockets like they’re going out of style. Vehicles that never made it past the prototype phase so those should not be included if these three are not. And a player should be able to buy these three again it’s not like Gaijin, the greedy B*, don’t want to make some money!

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Because it has been explained multiple times.

Removing those and planning to remove some others is to avoid Fake… and that German double barrel is real.

They have been so clear that it verges on insulting behaviour to keep this going on and on (not to you Nero, I do not presume you have seen quite clear responses to the situation).

They are closing the can of worms and so opening it up again is not going to happen. And “Fake” is defined relatively clearly.

Follow link and last comment:

The Dbl Barrel German vehicles, both, were only prototypes and never massed produced or put into service. Some of the features were just a way of seeing if it could be done. Fake to me are those vehicles, and yes, the prototypes as well, are the ones that never saw service at all. So, if these vehicle prototypes are in the game, then the so-called other three aforementioned should be also, fair is fair. Because we all know none of these ever saw the day when they were put into service, so, if Gaijin wants to try to be historical then get rid of all prototypes as well. Or just change the game’s name to the other nameless game we cannot mention, I feel like he whose name must not be mentioned going on here.

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Could be interesting tank to add. Is there info how many rounds this thing can carry?
I know people hate to add cool and unique tanks to battlepass and Events,but I think this would be perfect final prize for BP, it is Unique,prototype and has nice gimmick.

whilst i want this as a tech tree vehicle it does seem like it would be better as a battle pass vehicle (god knows the battle pass needs some more interesting vehicles)

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But you see we need more S-100s,Mustangs and Centurions.
Could have been Centurion 1 with 20mm polsten for nice gimmick again,but no stab 17pdr cent :/

It’s worse than the Coelian. The Coelian simply used a Panther hull, which as we all know existed and ran. The guns were made and tested. The only wooden part was the turret.

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