Futility of anti-air

I am genuinely convinced that Gaijin does not want people to actually play anti-air. It seems like gaijin finds another way to nerf spaa every update, while simultaneously buffing cas.
As we all should know by now, Gaijin is only concerned with their profits, and they know that premium cas is very profitable. So I believe that Gaijin is continuing to nerf spaa in order to get more people to spend money on overpowered premium aircraft.


SPAA hasn’t been nerfed, and CAS hasn’t been buffed since 2023…
There are issues with CAS being OP that need addressing, it just hasn’t changed in a year.


please elaborate.

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Ah, yes “Overpowered” prem aircraft. Meanwhile looking at all of them and noticing how their worse versions than their tech tree counterparts and or the minority ones flying them are experienced with the majority are not. Trying to fight it on its terms.

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These issues plague SPAA, 1 is minor reasons, three is the biggest reason.

  1. Oversized muzzlefashes, and Muzzle flash dampeners not doing anything. Making autocannons blind you and making it harder than (example) to hit any Aircraft. And from the aircraft perspective you are flashing a spotlight at them alerting your posistion.

  2. There are not nearly enough capable SPAA vehicles, and gaijin doesent give a care to implement time accurate SPAA vehicles instead opting to put a 1970s SPAA at lower tiers making everything look wierd.

  3. People doesent use SPAA vehicles to shoot aircraft since its not nearly as rewarding, And giving players the ability to just have their full ammunition loadout with AP ammunition makes this worse.

Simply put gaijin has made SPAA gameplay very very unfriendly towards players. Forcing the player to instead use SPAA vehicles for their own purpose to target tanks.


I find the muzzle flash very annoying, but i personally do find spaa rewarding when killing air, i dont see how it cannot?
I also think there are many spaa in the game, USA definitely needs some mid br ones though.

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Again, this game doesent reward SPAA playstyles, its more profitable for you to speed to the other side of the map, and just kill tanks. And CAS somewhat counters SPAA playstyles in how everything is in WT.


And with not enough SPAA i mean stuff like that and the facts gaijin simply overuses the Zsu-57-2 that is not a SPAA i will die on this hill

I find it to be the complete opposite of what you just said.

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Please give me a example, i play sweden all we get is the 40mm with the ludicrous muzzleflash that gets worse on the Lvkv 42 and since gaijin after 5-7 months still hasnt fixed it im really starting to get mad. I mean i can get other nations like germany with their poor AT capabilities or USA with quad 12.7mm brownings or just any 20mm oerlikon


I dont play sSweden so i cant comment, maybe sweden just has shitty spaa.

Not applicable across all nations though.

I mean we could have gotten a swedish duster that is really just a upgrade Anti II with twin 40mm but we instead got a one off prototype. That was never in service nad has so little information that our nations tank museum knows squat bout it.

Anyway rant over. But seriously the only way i get air kills in the Lvkv 42 even after 5000 hours is if the aircraft is flying straight past me of towards me in a line. Then i die cuz my muzzleflash hides the thing im shooting at

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Hopefully they add the duster for Sweden.

As for enemy angle, its standard procedure in many instances with many spaa :)

Muzzle flash is rather annoying right now, agreed.

Interesting, where is gaijin nerfs spaa?

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The Lvkv 42 is an exceptionally bad AA. Purely because it has so little ammo with a gun that relies heavily on density of fire.

As for flash hiders not working they do. Just happens that the design on the Bofors isn’t particularly good and just directs the blast more forwards. Which is especially bad on the Lvkv 42 because of the higher charge used in the ammo.

All that said we definitely need the Anti II added to the Swedish tt

It wasn’t nerfed per se, rather the rewards were slashed
It just isn’t rewarding to play SPAA in the duty it was intended to

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What? Have you seen the 40mm fire irl? Its mostly smoke, not a gigantic fireball

Does this look like a fireball https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V6w3VBbw91Y

The cone is forever, Cone rocks

Same opinion here

This is nothing to do with flashhiders not working. This is just gaijoob having 1 default muzzle flash applied to everything

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Why, the heck? They Need to fix it so i can see what im shooting at!