Furthest tank on tank kill in game

Hey everyone, I need any and all input for this one. I theoretically might have the furthest tank kill in GRB. However; I want to come here and prove this theory, right or wrong, before posting anything about it online. My current record is 3.6km, and yes it’s with LRF. What are your furthest kill shots in the game? let me know the distance and what you had to range find the target with. for example you got like a 2.7km kill by looking at the minimap and guessing the range.

3.3 on Euro province.

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I mean technically I killed a guy from 5+ km (18000 feet with a block buster)

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That’s awesome, however I’m specifically looking for tank on tank. Mostly because I’ve seen some pretty far kills with any Air to ground ordinance myself (unguided and guided) and they are usually much easier to achieve due to either high explosive mass or a guidance computer that locked on from orbit. It’s rare I see maps where it’s a common occurrence for even 2-3km kills unless LRF is used and the enemy is brain dead.

My longest range kill tank v tank was on a simulator match… I forgot what the map is called I think it was only like 3 km ish, I was in my Firefly

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Did it once on that pradesh map with Maus, I believe it was 2.6km near the bridge to the enemy spawn point, can’t see the enemy but it’s far enough to create an arc to hit something we can’t even see.

phly daily has a 4km+ shot on the Jagtiger in one of his videos
i also made a lucky 4km shot once on a WWII tank. but thats about all i know

For me, my longest Tank on Tank kill recently is 3.1km (3305 yards) with DM23 on a Bradley. Longest Tank kill with DM12 was 2.7km on a 2S25 (3025 Yards and yes the hang time was about 5 seconds), and my longest Heli Snipe was with the Leopard Pzbtl, 123 DM23 on a Ka-50 6.4km (7070 yards)

Mine is with the tiger 2 p. it took me 5, 6 or 7 shots I cant remember but it was 2000m on the gun sight