Further Development of Assault mode!

Will Gaijin actually develop this mode any further?

I have noticed it not having any changes for a very long time.

With the addition of China, Italy, and Israel tech trees the need for more maps is the most obvious change that’s needed as well as changing the BR setups to reflect current changes.

if people are actually playing this mode why wouldn’t they improve it?

I suppose there is just not a map for them. Assault maps are rather open and on flat fields.
China - not a single map where China can be the enemy. Perhaps 38th parallel but GRB on that map is already horrible enough.
Italy - Campania is the only Italian map and half of the map is a big town.
Israel - well Sinai host the Brits, and Middle East is a big no considering how urban it is.

I think most people play for the booster and backups, and to grind out enough to make them competitive in PVP without burning free repairs up. And some just prefer it over the asshattery of random battles.
But Gaijin doesn’t work on it because it doesn’t make them any money. You don’t buy $70 premiums to play the assaults with. I’m kind of surprised they even keep it around really.


Zhengzhou could be used for china! I just looked at there is plenty of flattish spaces for an A point to go!

Mediterranean port for Italy if the A point was away from all the buildings

Middle east for Israel or maybe another part of sinai map?

yes i would agree most use it for the daily booster but you would be surprised how many premiums are playing in this mode up to half the team sometimes! if they plan to keep they should at least give it some attention.

I don’t think it’s a problem, Campania still has a lot of flat space, also if I’m not mistaken assault maps are kinda different from their pvp analogues.
For Italy there is another issue - a lack of armored tanks, on the other hand Hungarian and Romanian tanks can supplement some BRs. In this case it’s probably better to use some different map.

Certainly why I use it occasionally

I hate the gameplay of this mode. It’s like humans facing zerg rush…

Gaijin would need to heavily change how it works right now. Since currently it literally is just Zerg Rush from Starcraft.

Zhengzhou afaik is an air battle map

Judging by the number of new max level 20 players playing assault with $70 premium tanks, it’s not what you say. Yesterday I was playing my assault to get boosters, there was a level 37 with the following tanks, M1128 Wolfpack, M1 KVT, M1A1 Click-Bait, and since he didn’t belong to any squadron he also bought the M1A1 AIM.

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After i researched the Assault maps, i found these map not mean “where these vehicles from”, but “where these vehicles could attack”
Like Mozdok is in Russia and Ardennes is in Belgium but US and Germany have attacked there
In this opinion, I will select Tunisia for Italy (same as in Air Assault), Pradesh for China (for 1962 Sino-Indian War), while reworked version of Sinai to Israel (Yom Kippur War) and Second Battle of El Alamein for UK, as Sinai now is too hard to play in all BR

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That is a good idea. Tunisia now features a wide open field around A, which can be ideal for assault matches. The enemies would be Centauro 105, Leopard 2A4HU, and Ariete AMV with the AA of OTOMATIC.
Pradesh, I would still be skeptical about it, because it seems there are too less places where players may hulldown, and helicopters may find a hard time targeting due to the amount of little valleys. Nevertheless, it could be where China is the enemy on assault mode, then it would be CM11, ZTZ96A and ZTZ99A.
For Israel, the old sinai would be fine then. Magach 5, Merkava Mk.2B and Merkava Mk.4 LIC as the enemies. I do think the capture zone around A on el alamain is okay for assault mode.

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Well Vietnam could be a alternative choice for China though i think it could be as hard as Sinai now
Karelia or Finland could be a choice for Sweden(and Finland)
For enemies, should consider for all 6 levels (could be improved to 7), while Israel and China will lack of light vehicles in higher tier and some nation will lack of CAS in lower tier
I also hope Gaijin add some fictional remix missions like NATO mission in Fulda now, could be a mission include vehicles from different nations at 6 tiers in Test Site — 2271, that Atomic Heart map

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Probably 1 death leaver newbies. Trying to make SL after getting sucked dry by hi tier repair costs. They probably don’t know anything about it other than they can keep playing after their first death and with premium you can make more SL in them as you can sucking in 1 and out games.
At the mid tiers I play, I only rarely see premis, and most of them are planes. In ground, it looks more like ppl just trying to grind TT vehicles.