Functional headlights?

Many vehicles have headlights, but they are not functional, in ranges where there is no nvd visibility is complicated, a feature like this could change how the game is played in low tier, it would also be interesting


It would be a novelty and almost pointless. There are no night battles in mid/low tiers and not only do we have AI flares the real issue is headlights = target.

Let us just leave it at Dozerblades maybe :D

(It has been discussed before and I do not believe the Devs were swayed. When Suggestions is up and running it would be a simple one to put together and then see what happens as that is the real way to get changes (very slowly). Just it would be a new effect that is bound to add bugs and cause all sorts of arguments)

Nobody would use them because they give up your position around corners etc.

Also, there are no night battles in low tier. Also, Gaijin want to reduce night battles. Also, dozer blades.