Full Italian Helicopter TT, with Every Single Helicopter that Italy could get

A New Italian helicopter TT with every single heli that could be added to Italy.
(Hungary is not included).



The H34 and AB47G should be linked to the AB205 and 206 folder but the tt maker site doesn’t allow You to link different lines.


Helicopter line up bigger than Japan’s ground tree


indeed xd

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Hey, you forgot the beloved AB 205 A-1

It’s foldered with the AB206

Need something like this

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You keep them at too high BR some helicopters, I would adjust the BR on some helicopters I know on your list:

  • A106 is literally too weak given the equipment it places in battle and to have any chance of getting into the game it should be at least at BR 6.0
  • AB 205 same situation as before, it is an extremely weak helicopter, it should be moved to at least BR 7.0 since it has very few rockets and literally this helicopter cannot destroy any ground vehicles at that BR. At his current game BR where he is right now (BR 7.7) he is always fighting with enemy AA’s have self tracking of the target which translates to you being shot down from miles away.
  • The A.109 EOA-2 should be at least at BR 8.3 is nowhere near as powerful as the Mi-24D so it needs a lowering of BR, here you can see the usual story repeating itself Italian helicopters put at extremely high BR, except Russian ones.
  • AW-149 I would keep at most at BR 11.0, it is nowhere near as powerful as AH-129D.

I did this because if you keep BRs so high for helicopters that don’t deserve such a high BR, nobody will end up playing with them, and many helicopters will end up being obtained only for collecting purposes and not for playing.

Now a couple of questions about helicopters that I don’t know so well but it seems strange to me that they are at such high BR:

NH-500 as armament possesses only:

  1. 14-slot rocket pods (50 mm)
  2. Double or single barrel machine guns (5.56 mm)

But as far as I know NH-500 has no missiles, why did you put it has such a high BR?

AB 205 A-1 is actually on the list, he put it under AB 206… Don’t ask me why he did that… Because most of us know that AB 206 is equipped with wire-guided missiles (Manthogo II ATGM) which makes it slightly better than AB 205 A-1.

While the AB 205 A-1 remains the most useless helicopter in the game for now until the developers lower it to BR 7.0, giving it the ability to avoid always encountering enemy AA with auto target tracking, which shoots it down from miles away, not allowing you to enter combat.

At least at BR 7.0 he would have the chance to get close to the target and use his rockets (only 7 launches) most likely with only 7 rocket launches he won’t kill anyone just wound him, but at least this way he can contribute to combat.

It can Carry 81 mm rokets and It Is alredy lower than similar heli such as AB205 and japanese UH1B

For the alredy in game helis I maintained the same br, even if the Ab205 could be moved down

I don’t get the same impression, the Mi24D Is worse for anty tank since Falanga Is a trash ATGM compared to TOW. That Is why for me GJ left them at the same br, One Is Better for Heli pve because It has more rokets while the Other One Is Better for RGB cause Better missiles.

Then You don’t know nothing about It. It has Spike NLOS (32 km range), Dual mode Brimstone (40 km range) and AGM179 JAGM (8-16 km range) in the same quantity as the AH129D and they are all Fire and forget. Compared to the Delta It has far Better missiles.

Because It can be equipped with Tow, as showed multiple time by Breda nardi and by a model of the Italian army


Also the AB205 could get the same amout of rokets of the other Hueys (alredy reported)

Yeah, he modified the AB 205 in AB 205 A-1, yesterday

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I foldered them because If someone want to’ start the tree It can directly use the AB206 skipping the 205 while it remain avaible for people who wanna use it.

Yes, the problem is that the Japanese AB205 also has only 19 rocket launches and it too should suffer a decrease in BR.

However, the main problem remains the A106 is much weaker than the Japanese AB205 it only has 10 rocket launches, it will struggle to destroy a ground vehicle before being shot down without fight which is extremely fragile it has only one pilot which results in poor survivability.

This is a good idea, at least with AB 206 you have a better chance of destroying ground vehicles thanks to missiles (Manthogo II ATGM) compared to AB 205 which does not have them, but I don’t think Gaijin will allow this yours method.

I don’t think so like you, the Phalanx missiles have a higher range (4 kilometres) than the TOWs, and greater armour penetration, the only flaw is their cruising speed which is slightly lower, plus the MI-24D has a machine gun to effectively fight other enemy helicopters and aircraft.

This was information I didn’t know, it is good news to know.

I would like to see the Italian AB205 with more rockets.

But Gaijin hasn’t changed it despite the fact that you’ve reported it for years, so I don’t think that will happen… I just evaluate AB205 with the equipment it has in the game right now.

EDIT: Corrected a typing error

Post updated.
A109 BA (squadron) and A109 LOH (premium) were added
A106 was moved to 6.0 (@Hetaeron )


Some new additions
Poliash AW101 (premium)
Polish Aw149 (premium)
Iranian AS61 (event)