Fuel tanks need to be majorly reworked

They should not absorb 100% of spalling nor should they be an RNG instant death mechanic. This absorption of spalling buffs far too many tanks with a pseudo spall liner. The only balancing measure is a coin toss whether or not your tank will instantly die because a round nicked the edge of a fuel tank. It’s not realistic nor is it entertaining.

You have proof also you know you dont have to take the tank or you can drop the tank midflight

Ground battles.

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I see i thought you was talking planes my bad yeah the fuel tanks in ground make no sense since they add just fire damage

Fuel tanks in ground are either external or internal. External tanks can’t kill you, but set you on fire for a brief time interrupting repair. Internal tanks absorb 100% of spalling when a shell passes through them and have a % chance of instantly killing your tank upon being shot. The % value for instant death is dependent on the individual tank and the ammunition penetrating the tank. HEAT-FS causes fuel detonation more frequently than APFSDS but it’s not 100%.

External tanks also do that, best examples are Leopard2,Chally families and Leclerc’s external tanks.

Yes, except being external once the round comes in to contact with the body on the other side of the fuel tank it respalls at full force making the deletion of initial spall irrelevant.

The whole fuel tank situation is weird when some tanks get tiny little blocks of fuel, whilst others get 7-8 monster tanks filled to the brim, usually in very beneficial layouts of which I have no idea if that’s even remotely historically accurate.

Liquid is very good at stopping high speed objects like chunks of metal (look up water stopping bullets). Also, fuel tanks can explode/catch fire when damaged, causing a chain reaction with the ammo of the vehicle resulting in an explosion. Simple physics, simple explanations.

Yeah, but they’ve created a mode where fuel isn’t a thing and now we have tanks with a dozen fuel tanks filled to the brim with fuel without consequence or ones with a tiny little tank with fuel, it’s not really a fair thing.

The answer is simple; introduce fuel mechanics like we have in Air battles.

At what efficacy?

100% of spalling?

“stopping” slowing down

“can” I love “can” my favorite gameplay mechanic is “can” that’s why I play World of Tanks because my ammo “can” do damage where other times it “can’” do damage. I love slots too.

I mean that’s just going to result in Russian tanks having 5 weeks of fuel and German tanks 5 minutes as it is now.

diesel exploding is the funniest shit ever. Oddly t90m has external fuel tanks that still explode. Or the derevatsya cancer that either stops 600mm pen shells or explodes

Depends on the mass, velocity, and dimensions of the spalling. I can’t speak on it 100 percent because there is much more to it than spalling hits liquid and stops, but it makes sense that a liquid would prevent spalling from spreading.

This is a game thay draws from real to life physics. I say “can” because not every single situation will result in an explosion. This game has alot of features and mechanics that run on “can happen” because “can happen” means it is possible those things to occur. If those things can occur, then it would make sense to model them in game.

I don’t know of another RNG kill feature that isn’t a damage modeling issue.

Gaijin’s position is that it stops 100 percent of spalling.

Which could be correct. I feel like both of us aren’t up to speed in the areas required to make a determination if it is correct or not.

This game, to my knowledge, does not have RNG. It seems like if it did, datamines would show that. RNG is not at all the same as something having a chance to happen. Having a chance to occur and Random Number Generation are different things.

People have datamined the explosion chance values lol

I think the number, size, and direction of fragments from round entering armor has some level of rng. There is also real shatter for planes as well as engine fires.