Fuel Tank

Gaijin and Programers can you explain me how can leopard 2a7v how his fuel tank can stop 580mm of penetration PLEASE EXPLAIN ME

same as the russian ones can.
More likely it is a combination from spallliner and the shrapnel getting cought by the fuel tank.
There is a good youtuber doing simulations of armor penetration, in which you can see, that a fueltank can make the difference between a shot that effectively did nothing, and a shot making what would be irl a mission kill.

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Also fuel tanks that use diesel shouldn’t be able to explode.


What is that for statement? Diesel wouldn’t explode is beyond in reality. Using diesel less change but no doubt still explode somehow.

diesel is inert. that is why shots to a t-80 or t-90 ammo carousel do not exploded. the carousel is submerged in diesel fuel


Diesel can’t explode everybody knows that.

Really? How does it work as a fuel then??


The liquid fuel in a tank isn’t what explodes - it is the vapor from that liquid in the empty part of the tank that does so, if at all.

Diesel has essentially no vapor pressure than petrol - meaning it generates no explosive gas in any ullage in the fuel tank and is harder to set fire to - but it sure as hell isn’t the same thing as not exploding!

It’s flashpoint is generally above 50 deg C

But if it is atomized by anything (eg what the injectors in a diesel engine do or by being hit with a fast moving high-kinetic energy object) then it can still be atomized or vaporized and ignite easily.

And when it does catch fire it is harder to put out - it has 15% more energy per volume than petrol

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If diesel explodes why isn’t there a single video of a diesel filled cannister exploding anywhere?

Read my post again - I told you that already.

I’ll give you a hint - it is for the same reason that piles of flour in a kitchen don’t explode, but flour dust can and does.

Consider this - if diesel doesn’t explode, how to diesel engines work?


It might explode under different circumstances.

Diesel in engines explodes due to high pressure, and high heat. If you can recreate those circumstances, it will explode.

However, it isn’t as volatile as regular gasoline.


Yep - exactly what I said.

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Sounds like a conspiracy theory to me.

Just to confirm that to you, there are “official studies” of the effects of massive damage to fuel tanks done by… (shhhh)… GOVERNMENT AGENCIES trying to convince you!!


Also see the British study of tanks found destroyed in NW Europe 45 - even petrol fuel tanks are not noted to explode - they burn. It is ammunition that explodes. However petrol is easier to set alight than diesel, and petrol fires can start and spread unexpectedly, resulting more crew casualties.

A summary of the British reports can be read here - British Tank Losses March to May 1945: The War in North West Europe - Tank Encyclopedia with fuel fires towards the bottom.


ok so why doesn’t t-80 carousel explode then? if its diesel submersion explodes.

Just to piss you off - no other reason.

Except for all those I mentioned of course.

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