Fuel Bug

Had 30mins of fuel, down to 20 seconds worth in just a minute or 2.

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The bug is like this and has been in the game for 1 year now: when you change the amount of fuel in another plane or test drive , and you come back to this plane, the game shows before you spawn max fuel but when you spawn it spawns you with another fuel option , like 20 min

But I was only grinding with my Mig-23 the past few games, and also never touched my fuel.

Gaijin moment

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Mig23 burns through a full tank in 9 minutes… so only thing that makes sense is that you took off with 20 minutes somehow, which would burn all your fuel in like just over 5 minutes

Yeah, was gonna say, Russian/Soviet jets are well know to absolutely guzzle fuel, like 3 miles per US Gal w/o afterburner. The afterburner make it like 1-0.5 miles to 1 US Gal, so if your constantly burning, that’s your issue. Although, I will say, I set my fuel on the A29B to 20:00 minutes and got done with a match, started a new one, and it set it to 9:51 minutes of fuel, and I checked to make sure on the screen, and it said it was set to 9, even though I didn’t touch it, never have had this issue before Air Superiority.