Friend Invitations

For the past week or so, when ever I log in I get a message that I have 4 friend invites. But there never are any when I click on it. Is this some random glitch? It has no effect on game play.

Yep having the same issue (PC Steam).

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Good to know it’s not just me going nuts.

You guys might try this, in game go to Options - Privacy & Confidentiality - 3rd one down, Allow add yourself in friendlist and set to No . . . . see if that helps

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Nope, it still pop up.

Worth a shot . . might try doing a game file check . . . but this thing started happening after the Update before this one and that setting I showed you seems to be new . . . at least it was new to me. Once I set that to No, my friend’s list problems went away

That didn’t do it in my case. Thanks for the advice though.


You’ve let it sit too long before checking… As soon as you log in, check it and it should be populated.

I do. But the result remains the same. As I said it is a quandry that does not affect the game play.

I have 36 invites, and 224/100 on my list… They hound me a lot.

It sucks that we have a 100 limit, otherwise I would add them all. Then from there we’d need a method of being able to figure out who hasn’t played for a year or something, or those who have been banned permanently, or something to be able to ‘archive’/‘dispose’ of them.

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Had the same issue here. Logged off and on again 3 or four times and the notification was gone.