Frequent crashes when ending a game

The game keeps crashing. Sometimes it will work for the session, often it will crash towards the end of a single game (Ground RB).

What I did to fix it:

  • Deinstalled Steam version.
  • Installed Launcher version

No fix.

  • Repaired files.

No fix.

  • Deleted cache

No fix.

I play on highest settings, but with no fps/lag problems. System is Windows 10. The crash could to be related to dying in airplanes in GRB, but I am not sure.

It is happening since about the economy update.


same for Air AB battles. Almost every match, the app is crashing. No messages, no error, just crash. Tried with other computer, same issue. Please fix these problems

also same to me. Playing on PC, mostly planes RB. At game-ending it crashed, no messages, no error, just crash.
AND, it crashes when opening the map, everytime.

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for me it happen whit all the game mod