French rank 1 tanks underappreciated

I think too many people despise rank 1 French tanks, but things like the H39 has above average armor at 1.0. Once, an M8 shot my side thrice and it only turned my track yellow. Plus, the AMD35 is my second most favorite vehicle, the first being the Object 906. It’s also a beast at flanking and is very fast. Once you get to the end of the first rank there’s the S35, which is fast and tanky. Rank 2 has the b1 bis which you can downtier. France has to be one of the most underrated nations in game.

Because they used to be absolutely horrid and useless until they got some new stuff I believe.
Plus rank 1 and 2 for reasons unknown to be does not get to participate in events, BP, dailies and whatever else so most rank 1-2 stuff collects dust for people.

Battle pass doesn’t really matter for me, and yes, the FCM36 and H35 were terrible, but what about the H39, AMD35, S35, and the B1 Bis and Ter in rank 2?

Some of those weren’t around before at least, when I played France years ago it was misery to get through the lower BRs.

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I’m at the B1 Bis now.