French Navy CBT Discussion


Thought we’d restart this thread here from the old forums.

Been enjoying the test thus far, after finally breaking out of the Tier 1 offerings, which were a bit disappointing.

Unlike the Italian destroyers, the French offerings at Tier 2 give you a lot back in exchange for some shortcomings in terms of protection.

Looking forward to Tier 3.

Globaly for french ships:
-Good firepower but no AP shells. only SAP shells.
-Good speed and manoeuvrability
-Lack of protections, specialy on cruisers. VS destroyer and not too close its correct, but VS 150mm or more it is a pain …

Personally :

  • Good firepower
  • the priority rack system can prove to be a handicap when it is empty, moreover it takes a lot of time before starting the filling procedure, even for this filling completely.
  • Mediocre armor (not a surprise as that was navy doctrine at the time), but I find all of them to be the same as their survivability and average.
  • Quite fast
  • I found that the “Lorraine” takes the salvos of shells badly, it is quite easy to ammorack it and it is a return to the hangar.
  • the choice of “Unicolor” colors remains rather obscure…
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I find the tree a bit lacking honestly:

  1. Huge amount of copy paste: 3 Jaguar-class, 3 Aigle-class, 2 Duguay-Trouin class.

  2. Missing a lot of ship classes:

  • DDs: No Mogador, no T-47/T-53, no Le Hardi, no Vauquelin, no Guepard…

  • Cruisers: No Algerie, no La Galissonniere, no De Grasse, no Colbert (the AA one, not the heavy cruiser)

  • BBs: No Dunkerque/Strasbourg

  1. The color schemes are quite ugly, especially the unicolor one (who the hell uses brown on the sea?!)

Honestly, the only reason I’m currently grinding the tree right now is to get Le Malin and Emile Bertin 😒


Wait a little, when they implemented, the others naval tech trees were similar in number of ships to that of France. The difference was that they had both coastal AND blue-water ships on the same tree. It took years for them to be as full as they are now.

Erk, i agree on that point.

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  1. The color schemes are quite ugly, especially the unicolor one (who the hell uses brown on the sea?!)

No one, except by Gaijin.

Wait a little, when they implemented, the others naval tech trees were similar in number of ships to that of France. The difference was that they had both coastal AND blue-water ships on the same tree. It took years for them to be as full as they are now.

The problem is that Gaijin prefers to spend time, resources and money on trees that no longer have the need to receive new content (The Soviets…). For the copied pasted it’s their new fashion, it saves time.

The leopard for my part and a shame it has nothing to do in the French tree it was so modified by the British that it has nothing French left, but it comes back to the same this version of the Leopard their took less time to model.
The Bretagne (Lorraine) only version or the Primary and secondary (useful) armaments are missing in favor of the AA (partly useless). But there, same thing, less work.

During a feedback quer I had made on the forum during the devs serv told me that the Devs used versions which are according to them the most suitable.

Less powerful versions are therefore adapted to the French tree for them, it’s insulting.


I wasn’t expecting to get all the classes I mentioned in my post above at release obviously, but it needed two or three to be enticing to play. Currently it’s just… lacking.

It’s kinda funny at a patch dedicated centered around the French navy ended being better for the French air and ground trees if you think about it lol

This one is even more problematic when you remember that Lorraine has the worst AP pen of any BBs at its BR by a LOT.

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At the start of naval battles, the techtrees was … empty specialy for blue-water ships…

I find a screen for a bug report the day of the update are release of 1.79 and the introduction of naval RU tree.

On the 22 boats, only 4 blue-water ships.

At the 1.77

  • German: 19 boats (2 blue-water ships, 1 frigate)
  • US: 16 boats (2 blue-water ships, 1 frigate)

Yes it is more than the total of french naval TT, but it is majority simplier costal boats.

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Honestly I don’t see how this matters to be honest. Yes, things were different in the past, but that’s kinda to be expected.

I mean, back in the days ground and air trees didn’t have vehicles from the mid to late cold war era. But if a tree launched today with only WWII era vehicles, it’d be pretty puzzling wouldn’t it?

At the end of the day, they should’ve added a couple more interesting ships at release to make the tree more enticing to grind in my opinion 🤷‍♂️

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they can’t add everything in one update, give them time and they will add them in the future im sure or even give one out in an event or for a squadron vehicle of shorts.

Please, no event vehicle… What I particularly blame Gaijin for is that there is no communication, coming from them, I’m not surprised, but hey, with the latest events. is strange.

The separation between the offshore and coastal fleets has changed and that creates changes, I understand that, however Gaijin did not find it smart to take the lead and tell us how it will be in the future because the Royal and the only navy that came out without a coaster and it didn’t say that they were going to ask questions? It’s… disconcerting.

And don’t tell me they want to surprise us or I don’t know what else, the French Navy has been waiting for 6 years, so no more room for surprise but just, efficiency…

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i used to grind us naval tree i have all rank IV and when the french arrived i had the dugay to farm and now i almost have the Paris but it’s pain real pain everything is an high dangerous threat everything from dd’s to cruiser i got ammo racked multiple time 1minutes after spawn by a moffet or russian 60s dd etc… cruiser remove you from the game easy and it’s just unplayable i regret farming this tech tree i think french navy is the worst navy of war thunder

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That’s also what I tell myself… it’s sad and his shows the little interest that Gaijin shows to France… But if people tell them nothing, they will never change anything.

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So i have now grinded out the 12 necessary Stars, starting tomorrow i can then grind the TT out. I’m quite excited.

From what i gathered from enemie or allied Players playing the French Ships that i have encountered so far, they seem to be okay-ish. The BBs look like a menace to Cruisers, the Players i’ve seen with them always sunk ~3-7 Cruisers per Game. I however have yet to see a French BB sink any other BB. I sunk 4 of them so far. Ammo racking is broken atm so i wouldnt take that into the calculation currently. As enemies, i find them to be more or less like all the other Dreadnoughts in Terms of Survivability etc.

The Bi- and Tricolour Camoflages look okay in my Opinion, nothing good but not really bad either. Iirc none of them in the game are historical anyway. However the Unicolour Pink one…just why ? That one is the worst one in the entire game, even worse than the British ones.

The Size of the TT is alright i guess, I’ve honestly expected less than what we got. Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts so far. Still excited to grind it out starting tomorrow, Somehow the Jeanne D’Arc grew on me lol

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i got the Paris it suck she can’t face an other bb dreadnought and even battlecruiser you just get mauled saw on wikipedia tho that the armor was extending to the front in game it’s not

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On Gog, everything outguns you, and your speed doesn’t matter. Worst navy in game I regret buying the CBT pack.

Yes, while I’m sure there will soon be some additions, it is fairly uninspiring at the moment. However, perhaps it’s good that they’ve resisted the temptation to have that one OP vehicle that ‘somehow’ ended up at too low a BR - either expensive premium or high-rank regular TT that will also require much GE expenditure to get quickly, before the inevitable balancing. Remember the Lorraine in the original GF TT? It’s been a common feature with Gaijin to have a little something for the P2W community, so players of other nations can at least be thankful this time that they won’t suffer some inevitable ship-x spam (…just the standard Knox, Moffett, Hellena, Zhelesny spam).

I’m sure if Gaijin know their a$$ from their elbow that we’ll get a French ship with each update over the next year or so - and not more US DDs or imaginary Russian super-ships - so it will soon be forgotten that this initial TT is rather average. Let’s be glad the Bluewater fleet is here and should be interesting enough for those who take advantage of the opportunity to complete most of it while it’s still a simple grind.

Some bow armour plates were removed as weight compensation during refits.

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I hope they one day add the Surcouf, it would probably be far from meta, but it’d be so dope

To jump back into the discussion I’ve nearly spaded all the destroyers now and I’m ready to give the Cruisers a shot.

While I found the Tier I DDs to be fairly awful, Tier II and III offerings have been quite the opposite. While their protection still isn’t great, they finally are able to lay down solid firepower of their own while maintaining their good torpedoes.

My Bluewater adventures have spanned the US, UK, Italian, and now French lines, and the French are neck and neck with the UK for 2nd place in terms of DDs.