French Lorraine BB and Paris

Hello, i’m here to ask to gaijin to put Paris and Lorraine to 6.0-6.3 BR.
Those 2 ships are totally USELESS.
They are ammoracked VS every other ships. They dont have any armor, they cannot pierce any battleships or battlecruisers.Their BR are too high.

Please, deacrease their BR.
And please, buff HE… They cannot cause any breach or kill a single DD…


They have huge magazines, and seem to be fairly exposed. I’m not really looking forward to them, but with a bit of angling you should be able to stop some shells.

Nah, you cant angle, and if you face of, there is no armor at all … So, you die really easily.

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All thos picts show that you can be killed at 15km away by newport news.
Try with helena, its working nearly the same

New Orléans * its worst cause i took wrong ship … …

Yes, it’s possible, but not likely. I was playing around with it myself.

The shot has to dive under the plates on the side, or it has to travel through the nose without shattering on the way to the magazine.

Keep in mind these are dreadnaught era BBs. They’re not great, like most of the 6.0 and 6.3 BBs.

They definitely need more modern battleships.

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Problem is that currently Paris is 6.3 and Lorraine is 6.7…


Every battle I see Paris it dies to 1-2 BB salvos or 1-4 Des moines. Angling or distance doesnt matter, if the Paris is attacked it will not survive longer than 60 seconds. 6.0 seems to be good idea for it. Lorraine seems tad more survivable and with decent salvo but I only seen it in one battle so no idea if that is correct .

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It is same armor as paris :/

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