French lineup 10.0-10.3

Good afternoon everyone, France is a different nation in many aspects but it is a fun nation to play, however the 10.0 and 10.3 of tanks in France simply do not exist, unless you use the amx40 and amx32 in this br, and they They are easily overcome, I saw in the suggestions some Leclerc prototypes and some IFVs that could be implemented in this BR, and please make sure they are line vehicles, the VBC is the only IFV in France and it is premium…
It’s very annoying to want to use good planes in CAS like the Jaguar and the Super Etendard but have to keep using 9. and 9.7 vehicles because there is nothing ground in this br

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France and japan share the issue of BR holes which are never adequately filled with their 1-2 vehicles per update. I dont expect this to be fixed any time soon

the 11.0 and 11.3 line up is also non-existent

To be honest I’d say the 9.7 and 10.0 vehicles do fine at an uptier. The armor isn’t the greatest but the mobility and gun make up for it.

Of course they make up for it, only the amx40 is really fast, but it’s still big, indifferent reload and normal bullet, or everything they do that tanks from other nations also do and do better

Honestly the AMX-30/32/40s are so bad they never should have been pushed up in BR.

I think they are well suited for their br. Sure they arent the greatest but when facing most tanks they are still very capable.

Really, is that why they are among your least winningest and poorest performing tanks? You perform better in both Rank 7 and Rank 5 tanks while your Rank 6 tanks (e.e. AMX-30/32/40) leave a lot to be desired.

Just because a tank has a dart that can pen most tanks doesnt mean it belongs in the same BR especially when it’s counterparts have better armor, speed, and stabilizers…

The BMD-4 is “capable” of killing 11.7 tanks but that doesnt mean its an 11.7 tank…

There is nothing wrong most of them, the only one that i would say that is lacking is the amx 32 105 since it is a downgrade from the amx 32 120 at the same br,

No one said there was anything wrong with them but Gaijin ruined most of the French lineups when they shifted everything up.

Same can be said of the Brenus with ERA vs not but single biggest disadvantage is the lack of stabilizer and armor as they aren’t fast enough to make up for the lack of it.

Keep in mind these takes were not long ago 7.7

Look, I may disagree with your views on the tanks being too high in BR.
But one thing I’m pretty sure we can agree on is the lack of vehicles in that BR bracket. When the BR is lowered on those tanks the gap will be even bigger. If more vehicles get added into the gap I wouldn’t mind them being lowered to something like 9.3 but not any lower.
I’m hoping that soon the ERC 90 will finally be added into the game along some other epic light tanks that will do fine in those BR ranges.

Nothing wrong with gaps and no reason why we can’t have gaps. The vehicles I mentioned are already lower than 9.3… maybe you meant 8.3 from 9.3 which I agree.

We are already jumping from 8.7 to 11.7 so what’s the big deal. Though to be fair the Leclerc is more like a 10.3