French guns

Ok this puzzles me…the 4 7.5’s on the French work fine but when you upgrade to 6 guns on the Hawk A4…well…holy crap. They do NOTHING…point blank spraying a target for a full minute you get NOTHING…WTF War Thunder? Did these guns get nerfed? If so why? They were only adequate to begin with. Is it a convergence issue? Why have these guns at all if you can’t kill anything with them? What on earth is this plane supposed to be for?

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I personally find that they do alot, they have a big volume of fire.

If you aim for the wings you can often manage to rip them off.

And the plane is fairly agile, just try to hold yourself on their tail, if they dive don’t follow. Just standby for other targets.

If they dive on you just make them think you are turning another direction then at the last second make them overshoot by rolling and pulling the other way as fast and hard as you can. Then depending on the enemy they will continue gaining speed and climbing, if they do. dont chase, then on the flipside and the Bf-109 does try to turn fight you. just do what you have to, to get behind him. or get into shooting distance.

The Ideal targeting distance for the 7.5s is like 500-700m

The damage of the 7.5 tracers only are garbage, use mixed belts. The AP is worth it, but forget about one burst taking them down.

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