Free Repair times seems off with new update


I would like to point out that the repair seems to be functioning weird since the update.
For example the
me262 Schwalbe has a 23days free repair time
while Mig 15 bis has 7 days
MIG 29 has 20days
Bf 109 k-4 has 12 days

I checked the other nations tech trees and seems that early jets, and other vehicles, got their free repair times higher other vehicles with higher rank.
I though that the repair time were aligned with the rank and repair cost. Is this intented? or just an oversight by the team?

thank you in advance.


Keep in mind it depends heavily on your crews rank. The higher they are in repair speed the faster the repair is.


Hello Bellator138,

I am aware of that I was just pointing out the discrepancies between repair times across the ranks, some top ranks aircraft have lower repair times than some aircrafts in rank IV-VI.

Since no one comment on that …seems that is intended that the sabre, me262 in German tree have higher repair costs than mig29 for example.

Thank you

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Like the more expensive the longer the repair?

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Not exactly…
I will just provide one example:
german tree
-mig21-21MF has a 8207 SL repair cost with free repair time of 11d 06h 21m
-mig29 has a 7386 SL repair cost with free repair time of 20d 06h 21 m

it looks like it is still related to performance somehow.

the schwalbe,ho-229 and komet have a higher cost repair than the mig 29 even though they are lower rank.
and the information is that we would be migrating to a repair cost by ranks, but seems still arbitrary…

is not that bad though, I would rather have low repair costs for mig29 than for schwalbe, but still seems like a contradictory message to the rank based repair system.


they have really messed up the entire system. the free repair times now vary wildly with no rhyme or reason. here are a few I have found. with crew ofc

how much SL a day do they repair
f-104A 850
f-105D 2800
same rank but the 104 takes way longer and is definitely longer than it used to be

javelin mk 9 1020
scimitar mk 1 2500
same rank,0.3 BR difference, very similar total repair costs and yet one is over 2 times faster to repair because logic…

other crazy high repair times that take 15+days include b-29, p51H, ar 234 C and most of the russian tree at rank 5-6


Kinda strange

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well, it is…

Do you know how can we get a response from gaijin? I seems it did not get their attention.

I mean…they are really busy with all the information being reported from new update and they are still keep working on the subsequent updates.

Maybe they are aware and it will come will the other economy updates.

The reason of posting this is that the changes are really helpful overall, but changes like that could some what create a void in some ranks because…well…at least on my perspective, what is the point of playing rank V or VI if top rank is cheaper? You know?

Well, anyway, glad you understood what I have said.

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out of curiosity, have you filed a bug report on that issue?