Free Parts is a 100% scam

So here is my issue with the new “Free parts” model.
It does not work and is lazily implemented.
First you never know if you are repairing at all. It is the same prompt as before with no timer. You just end up repaired, or not. You never know until you can move again.

Then there is the problem of “to which point” you get repaired.
Turret rings stay red but magically move again. A Breech can only be repaired if it was black and it will go to a dark yellow which 100% of the time breaks again upon firing with a big chance to also include a missfire so you repair for 50s and can still not shoot.
On some tanks the repaired transmission limits your speed to below 4km/h (Churchil VII for example) and reverse speed to less than 1km/h making it not even usefull to get into a cap for proper repairs.

So right now I fully disagree with Gajin stating that they implemented a kind of free Parts. What we have is a sick joke with next to no real world benefits. If you loose your breach away from a cap just quit the game you are useless untill someone repairs your tank and good luck finding a mate who will sit next to you for 50s

There are two main things which need to change.
First Make the interface actually work and give me a Timer and all else needed for proper visuals and information delivery to me the player.
Second Make the repair universally go to light yellow. Players will still have minor deficits with this, but at least every single part can be repaired to a usefull and most importantly STABLE point.


that’s the implementation, repair efficiency is shafted if you use free parts.

But I guess you just dont read much.


Did you read?
First I showed that there is no implementation.
Second I showed that the current way repairs are done are not enough and don`t repair stuff to a useable point.
“Shafted” is what the community wanted to be removed. We wanted fair.

But I guess you don`t comprehend such complex topics that easily

Just grind parts if you want to use parts

Repair parts are now very reduced in their rp costs and i see this as a good place holder , it takes me 1-2 matches to grind the new parts out. As such, I dont see a problem with this implementation. Definetly better than earlier too. (this is atleast true in the high tiers, instead of paying 13000rp ill pay 3,7k rp)

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bruh. this is for BEFORE the parts and FPE modifications get researched. unless you GE your wahy thru, you will have to play a non zero number of battles effectively handicapped. WHICH BTW is unrealistic.
no modern tank goes into battle with subpar capability. like bruh

‘‘non zero’’. I don’t like how you are putting it, Earlier i might have had to play 5+ matches, now it is done in 1-2 matches, we should recognize how much better it is now. It is not a problem anymore. ‘‘WHICH BTW is unrealistic.’’ I have never seen a tank switch their engines in 40 seconds on the battlefield.

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No modern tank can repair an engine that has taken a sabot or replace a barrel that got shot off in the middle of a fight either

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For all the… fakeness of this new system, I still consider it an improvement.

For even without parts and left on your own, the player can still try to limp to a capture point and properly repair there.
The one chance to extinguish fire is also a very good addition.

Though, personally, I’d prefer to see a system of quality versus quantity:
For example, without upgrades, You get to use the tank again, like a backup vehicle.
But with upgrades, You get only 1 chance.
(elaborating, it would be - completely stripped of equipment - 3 spawns total, tiers 1-2 added - 2 respawns, anything more - just 1).
For ground battles, realistic and arcade, this sort of may make sense.
For planes realistic battles, however, this may not work that well…

1,2 is very optimistic even for a warthunder player

Right… let’s add that feature then to help the players because that’s obviously what they want

This is the amount of matches it took for me on the flarakpz 1 with couple kills

No modern tank survives ammo getting hit like Soviet tanks in game but here we are

I will say that yesterday was the first time I’ve ever experienced a “misfire”. It was in my M1A2 SEP. Yes it was right after a long repair of the breech. I assumed everything was good, drove a short distance, saw a target, tried to fire and - it verbally told me I just had a misfire. I don’t know if this is new but I’ve never had it happened. I was like wth? So had to do another repair. I think I survived and was ok, no surprise attack or anything, but I don’t really like that. What if we think it’s repaired and we actively try to engage in an open firefight but we can’t fire and then we’re just destroyed of course. Why complicate it? So now we really have to look down at the HUD and pay attention to what’s possibly damaged and to what extent and initiate potential repairs, if needed. At a time when, if any of you have seen my posts, Gaijin has basically killed thermals and made it so difficult to see targets that we have to struggle to focus and keep a lookout, because everything is all gray in thermals, all the same color, so the tanks blend in with the buildings and rocks and ground itself. For the past month and week or 2 it’s been really frustrating trying to see enemies. And now we have to balance trying not to be destroyed by an enemy we didn’t even see, but also keep looking down at the HUD to see if our gun will actually fire or not. The thermals bug report has already been pushed through to developers, why not just fix that if you’re going to add things to the game to make it more difficult to focus, since we’re having to already focus more due to a mechanic that should be working correctly but currently isn’t. A mechanic that WE either paid for with GE to skip grinding or earned with RP, a mechanic that is on almost all top tier vehicles and is expected to work properly? There’s no repair button or option for repairing thermals. Just fix it already. Now that we have to worry about driving around a corner, facing an enemy only to experience a “misfire”.

The rank 1 spaa?

Well aint that an issue with the damage calculator engine?
Plus ive heard that modern ammoracks in soviet mbts (only the circular one for the auto loader) are quite well protected.
The soviets even conducted tests in which they found that the majority of ammo that is known for the popular flying turret syndrome is placed outside of the autoloader racks.
So idk altho i have seen russian mbts eat shells directly to the ammo and not blow up… but ive also seen the ssme for challengers and abrams. So i dunno if that ones bias.

Rank 7 spaa.

Now you get parts instad of none at all, that’s fair to me, I guess you should re-evaluate your statement because you don’t even have an ounce of idea of what are you talking about.

It is technically an improvement, but functionally not much of one. The difference between a broken turret drive and a sub-M10 turret drive isn’t enough to solve the issue.

Ultimately, the complaint about the previous parts system is that a single shot can render you borderline combat incapable, and that still holds true with the new system. You’re still left hoping that you either took a hit right next to a cap point, or that you have an obliging friendly nearby that’ll help you. And god help you if you lose your transmission or engine far from a point.

The real fix would be to simply allow the free parts to fix your tank completely, but take longer than researched parts. Even twice the duration, while tedious, would allow you to get back into the fight again when you’re done. Parts would still be a crucial unlock, but it would be far less tedious to play without them.