Free backups for SPAA

I’ve reached high tiers in many nations and decided to try playing tanks. I found myself preforming well with SPAA’s and right after i die in my heavy tank i spawn a SPAA (in most situations), i usually shoot down ~2-3 planes, but even up to 6 planes on good matches.

This aircraft kill score however, can never be obtained if there was a medium tank that flanked around my teammates and killed me. But unlike with tanks, where you can just pull one from another line, there is no “another line” for SPAA vehicles, thus im forced to pull open tops and have to watch - what would otherwise be 4 easy kills - flying around, harassing me and many others.

To make matters worse, other people that give a shot at shooting aircraft down are 90% of the time some tank mains suffering from “i cant lead my targets” disease, resulting in maybe 1 aircraft shot down (after absurd amount of time) at expense of their own vehicle.

cmon… just let me spawn SPAA another time… please…


A good point. You might have 2-3 top tier tanks in a lineup with some tanks that are a lower BR but competitive, but you normally only have 1 competitive (or not) SPAA for a lineup.

The only time where it isn’t is 3.7 Germany, with the Wirbel, Ostwind and 251/21.


Playing air do you not have a ridiculous number of spare backups anyway? (Cannot use in ARB)

I currently sit on about 300, with most vehicles already at least 1 or 2 already set for backups.

only for aircraft, they go away fast for tanks