Freccia being overtiered

I feel like i will not be only one but Freccia being at 10.0 is very over tiered. Spikes missiles dont wont to work most of the time. With the lock…them suppose to come on top of the tank always fly into the middile of the tank…then there is also the damage they do. It is a VBC with rarely working missilve. I feel like that it should go down at 9.0 BR…meanwhile there is broken BMP-2M still at 9.7


instead of putting it down we just need better spikes there are tons of models they could add with more range and pen

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To be fair the range and pen wouldn’t be as much of a problem at the fact with the locking on target then it either miss the target and if it hits it either manage to kill the target OR you crit it or do no damage. Already few times my Spikes got stopped my 1st gen ERA. Yes it would be nice to have more range and pen…and also some speed.

im hoping as we get more faf missiles they can tune in the code to be more consistent because right now its like they have a set point to attack instead of aiming center mass

Freccia should get Spike LR and ability to manually control missiles (yesterday I sent 6 missiles into T-80B and didn’t kill it).

im convinced most of its problem could be solved with coding

Yeah like any code fixing every fixed anything in this game. They fix one thing and 2 things appear

@Macekeeks @Охраняет-Камни the spikes LR are pretty much the only ones being used for vehicle systems, only possibly upgradeable to the LR 2, besides that you DONT want them to be manualy controllable we had that once through a bug with the swedish UDES 33 and it was total mayhem

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You don’t understand what I mean, you don’t need a missile view to implement manual control, just add the possibility to correct missile (as a normal atgm). So you hold some button and can control it with a mouse.

gaijin has said a lot that they wont but i understand where your coming from

U said manual controll, this is literaly what manual controll means, what you are describing is more of a partial controll, if you describe it right people will know what you mean

idk if blos should ever come for these missiles i just dont think its fit for this game

Would only be possible in x years once everything at the tier would have enough aps.
But generaly no shouldnt be added


At least for LR2 it’s possible, not sure about LR though.

Fire and observe are the blos beyond line of sight system, which u mean ,those just arent balanceable for the game, you still controll the missle itself trough camera feed

Again, it can be implemented as I’ve already described above, without camera view and it won’t be unbalanced.

I agree with you… now they even nerfed it, so the missle is even slower. Cant hit nothing with it. From my point of view the the italian techtree is useless.

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yep i am expiriencing the same bs. not only in that tier its pretty much cannonfodder since the map design in most parts dont offer the oportunitys this vehicle needs, second line and peeking above. every attamp peeking around a corner is a 100% death.

  1. The Snipermode standard zoom is redicolous close, 2nd zoom is barely doing anything.
  2. Target lock time and flight time makes it useless on 90% of maps because u simply cant hide
  3. Missles wont lock whatsoever
  4. The rounds are only usefull against side and back of most MBT´s makes it even worse tryin to peek around corners
  5. Well its a light vehicle of course but almost no armor

Compared to the BMP2 i cant understand why its on BR 10…

We also have the situation of maps being changed to be close-range engagements, rendering spikes even more useless.

Italy is completely shafted, with so many overtiered vehicles. It’s stuck in the cycle where:
only experienced players use it → vehicles do well & get BR increases → inexperienced players are deterred → repeat.

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